e-Nautika portal for yacht arrival registration

If you have an OIB (personal identification number) (Croatian citizens, as well as EU citizens who have registered their stay in the Republic of Croatia or requested a personal identification number from our Tax Administration) or eID (electronic identity card) you can access the e-Nautika portal which is intended for boaters and provides a foreign boat or yacht arrival registration at the territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia. You can also request for an electronic confirmation of navigation safety fees payment at the portal upon registration of a yacht or boat.

The service can be currently used by all citizens of the Republic of Croatia and citizens of the EU countries that have introduced an electronic ID system or some other method of user e-identification.

Discover the depths of adventure

Join them for a journey into the depths of adventure as you dive into the crystal-clear waters surrounding Punat. With its vibrant marine life, impressive rock formations, and hidden underwater treasures, this destination promises to leave you awe-inspired and craving for more.

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What can you expect from this extraordinary diving experience?
  • Breathtaking dive sites: the island of Krk boasts an abundance of dive sites that cater to all levels of experience. Explore dramatic walls teeming with colourful marine life, swim alongside playful schools of fish, and discover hidden caves and caverns that will leave you in awe.
  • Unparalleled visibility: Dive into the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, where visibility often exceeds 30 meters. Marvel at the clarity that reveals the fascinating underwater landscapes, including sunken ships and a diverse array of marine flora and fauna.
  • Wreck diving: For the adventurous at heart, island Krk offers captivating wreck dives. Explore the remains of sunken ships, experiencing a unique blend of history and marine life, as these wrecks have become thriving artificial reefs.
  • Tailored dive courses: Hang Loose Diving offers a range of dive courses for beginners and advanced divers alike. Enhance your skills, gain certifications, or simply refresh your knowledge with their comprehensive training programs conducted in a safe and supportive environment.
  • The warm hospitality and a vibrant dive community: Immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of the local community as you embark on your diving adventure. Make new friends, share stories, and create unforgettable memories with fellow divers who share your passion.

Dive in with Hang Loose Diving and experience the wonders that lie beneath the surface. Unleash your inner explorer and indulge in the enchanting beauty of the underwater world.

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Wishing you unforgettable diving experiences.

Marina Punat has raised its Blue Flag again

A Symbol of Environmental Excellence: The Blue Flag is an internationally recognized eco-label awarded by FEE - Foundation for Environmental Education to beaches and marinas for sustainable tourism. Holders of this eco-label must meet stringent environmental standards. Marina Punat's remarkable achievement of receiving this esteemed accolade for the 26th time in a row is a testament to its unwavering commitment to preserving the surrounding marine ecosystem and maintaining high environmental standards.

Marina Punat has consistently demonstrated its dedication to sustainable practices and initiatives, which have played a pivotal role in its continuous success in earning the Blue Flag recognition since 1998. The marina has implemented various environmental measures, including efficient waste management systems, use of renewable energy sources and the promotion of sustainable transportation options.
Furthermore, Marina Punat has been actively involved in educational programs and awareness campaigns to foster a sense of environmental responsibility among its staff, guests, and the local community. These initiatives have not only contributed to the preservation of the marine ecosystem but have also created a culture of sustainability that extends beyond the marina's boundaries.

Marina Punat's achievement is a reminder of the crucial role that responsible tourism plays in protecting our precious seawaters. It serves as an invitation for visitors and boaters to not only experience the beauty of the Adriatic coastline but also to appreciate and contribute to its long-term preservation.

Providing substantial donations

Local associations had the opportunity to apply for funding with activities benefiting children, young people and senior citizens, including education/training and sports and recreation projects for people of all ages, environmental and marine protection content, traditional tourism offer preservation projects, cultural and artistic projects and agricultural development projects (for Mediterranean cultures).
Evaluation of the project proposals submitted was followed by the selection of projects meeting the competition criteria. Punat locals were given the chance to vote for the projects they found the most important via an anonymous survey.
The Marina Punat Group which comprises the Marina Punat and the Punat Shipyard thereby provided substantial donations to the best five island projects. Locals gave the most votes to the “Daddyhood Croatia” fathers’ association’s Dadathlon Festival 2023, the Sopile Players Association of the Island of Krk’s “Sopile Days” festival, the “Orebica” Krk hunting association’s “Hawk” hunting unit with their Punat hunting area development program, the “Hope – Rijeka” (“Nada – Rijeka”) Women’s Breast Surgery Patient Association’s breast cancer prevention and early detection project, and the Matica Hrvatska Krk Branch project for the publication of the “Štorije zi škafetina” (“Tales from the Drawer”) book.
Last year’s donations were awarded to four associations, two of which were related to sports projects – the Krk Island majorettes and the Krk Karate Club. The “Srcem za Punat” (“Heart for Punat”) Association received aid for their robotics and 3D modelling project for children from 7 to 15 years of age, while the Punat Elementary School received funding for a literary corner and a comic book section.
The Marina Punat and the Punat Shipyard plan to allocate funds to various associations and sports clubs in the years to come as well, especially those that include children, young people, and our county locals.


The Group has been supporting local medical facilities via equipment donations as well. We have donated a mobile ultrasound device to the Krk Emergency Medical Services which will be used for the rapid diagnostics of a series of conditions when providing emergency care in the field. The Punat Infirmary has received a valuable aspirator – a device used to treat acute respiratory distress donated by the very same Marina Punat. Oxygen therapy devices have been procured as well, with six oxygen concentrators donated to the Krk Island Health Centre.


Check who is allowed to work on your vessel and in which way

To satisfy the needs for various maintenance and repair services on vessels, the Punat Shipyard and Marina Punat have enabled many such service providers to operate within their concession space. We have numerous agreements with providers of various services, all of which can perform on your vessel.

Marina Punat d.o.o. and Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o. (Punat Shipyard) are maritime domain concession holders, able to supervise all service providers operating within this concession space.
If you arrange maintenance and repair works to be performed by service providers which are not on our contract partner list, please instruct them to provide timely notice of their arrival at the marina and to regulate their status well ahead, to obtain a daily work permit and pay the necessary fee, regardless of whether these activities are to be performed within a warranty period or not.

Marina Punat d.o.o. and/or Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o. will authorize the use of their infrastructure and resources if they conclude that the service provider in question satisfies the terms stated in the Regulations on the Establishment of Subcontracting Relationships of the companies Marina Punat d.o.o. and Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o.

Which steps should an external service provider take, if they are not one of the Marina and the Shipyard’s contract partners, to obtain a permit to use our infrastructure and work on your ship?
  1. The service provider must first check whether they can comply with our requirements. The conditions are described in detail in Regulations on the Establishment of Subcontracting Relationships of Marina Punat d.o.o.and Regulations on the Establishment of Subcontracting Relationships of Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o.
  2. If a service provider estimates that they can comply with our requirements, they should send an e-mail request for a permit to use our infrastructure at least 3 (three) days before the scheduled start of their activities. The request and the necessary information and copies of the required documentation (as detailed in the Regulations) are to be mailed to the following e-mail address:
  3. After that, the service provider will pay an infrastructure use fee and collect their daily permit from the Yacht Service reception desk if their request has been approved by the Marina and the Shipyard.  
    Payment of the related fee and collection of the daily work permit means the service provider, whose activities are permitted on a day-to-day basis, has read, understood, and accepted the Operating Conditions and the obligations and provisions listed in the Regulations on the Establishment of Subcontracting Relationships on our concession area.
We would like to point out that the obligation to pay a fee for the use of the marina and shipyard infrastructure (in the sum of €100 per person per day) does not apply to you but to the contractor performing the works, but to prevent any delay of the works contracted, we ask you to provide timely instructions regarding the procedure to your service provider. 

Service providers which are not on the Marina contract partner list and have not previously obtained a daily permit will be asked to suspend their works and instructed on how to obtain a daily infrastructure use permit.  We would like to remind you that the Yacht Service reception desk is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 16:00.

Delays in work may occur on days with increased work intensity in the marina and the shipyard. The companies Marina Punat d.o.o. and Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o. shall not be liable for any damages arising from these delays or from the inability to perform works (e.g. in case we have not agreed to provide the permit for the use of our infrastructure or if there is insufficient capacity for the performance of the works etc.).

While performing the work, the service providers must wear uniformed work clothes with clearly visible company logos and daily work permits, and be equipped with personal protective equipment.
Works which do not comply with the requirements in the General Terms and Conditions and the Regulations on Order in the Port of Marina Punat d.o.o. and the General Terms and Conditions and the Regulations on Order in the Port of Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o, as well as the Regulations on the Establishment of Subcontracting Relationships, will be suspended.
We would like to remind you once more that performing works in the marina at berth on the sea or land is not permitted. Exceptions apply to smaller works on the vessel (such as cleaning and washing the vessel, measurements, repairs and installation or dismantling of tarpaulins or pillows). In the case of all large-scale works, especially those that may cause environmental pollution or threaten the safety and health of individuals, or cause property or environmental damage, the owner shall order vessel transport into the SERVICE ZONE OF THE PUNAT SHIPYARD, the cost of which is specified on the relevant price list.
Check the list of our contract partners who have a valid contract establishing their subcontractor relationship and who are authorised to work within the marina, the dry dock and the shipyard. You can find an updated list on our website at any time.
If the service providers require the key to your vessel stored in our control centre, please send us written authorization for the collection of the stored vessel key in advance. The authorization can be e-mailed to
The General Terms and Conditions and the Regulations on Order in the Port of Marina Punat d.o.o. apply.
The Terms and Conditions of Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o. apply.
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