Parking opportunities in the marina

However, at the season's peak, we come short of parking spaces, no matter how many parking lots we build. Therefore we have exceptionally allowed the clients of Dry Dock, Dry Berth and Dry Marina services to park their vehicle at the place of their dry berth while their vessel is in the sea.

Our daily visitors, clients in transit and charter guests are invited to park their vehicles in front of the Hotel Kanajt and take advantage of the daily parking fee, which is more convenient than the hourly rate charged in the marina. That parking fee can be paid at parking machines in the marina and at the exit toll gate.

Every year we try to increase the number of parking spaces, because we are aware that in the peak season, when we have the largest number of visitors, more parking space is required. In order to better organize this much-needed service, we have enabled the users of the DRY DOCK service to park their vehicles at the contract place of the boat, while the vessel is in the sea.
Vehicle access to the marina is still possible as before, with the note that you can use a free hour of parking, and then return the vehicle to the contract position in a dry marina.

We would like to remind you that the marina is not registered as a camping site. Caravans cannot be received at the area of the marina. Campers used as personal vehicles have a designated parking lot above the garages. Caravans may never be connected to a power outlet, and accommodation in these vehicles is not allowed.


Cool down at the pool

We offer four sauna types, a large hot tub, a relax zone with heated benches, and comfortable indoors and outdoors loungers for you to relax on.

The outdoor pool and
pool bar next to the hotel are at your disposal.

Feel free to use our fitness centre to stay fit while on vacation.

Direct bookings of wellness or fitness studio appointments are available at the hotel, by dialling +385 (0) 51 654 340.


Summer is just around the corner!


Ready for the winter?

We have already written on how to correctly prepare your vessel for stationary periods on multiple occasions. It is always a good idea to take another look at the recommendations, whether you are the owner of a motorboat, a sailboat or a larger yacht.  Vessel owners and users always face the same task: to take all the necessary precautions to make sure their vessel is safe and sound during the winter, whether on sea or land.

The following is a brief reminder of several important activities and rules all responsible vessel owners and users should do and adhere to on a regular basis, not just to prevent damage to your vessel, but also damage to nearby vessels and/or property belonging to other people, not to mention damage to human health and lives, which always come first.
  • Before disembarking, make sure to close all gas bottle valves. We also recommend that you remove gas bottles from the vessel when you are not using them. Double-check and close the fuel valves on fuel tanks and seacocks (Kingston valves).
  • It is mandatory to disconnect the vessel from the power supply and to turn off the main switch.

The marina staff may disconnect the power supply on vessels if they determine that no crew is aboard. This procedure is necessary for safety reasons. Thank you for understanding.

There are three main causes of fire onboard a vessel:
  • faulty electrical wiring and equipment onboard the vessel;
  • faulty battery equipment;
  • faulty electrical devices onboard the vessel.

This is precisely why regular inspection of the state of the vessel is necessary, and our Yacht Service experts or our certified partners can help you do this. The 
SENSE4BOAT smoke, temperature and bilge water level sensors offered by our partner, Marina Cloud, can serve as an added safety measure for better damage prevention.  

Remember the following:
  • We recommend that you remove and store the awning and similar deck equipment in a safe place.
  • Make sure all windows are tightly closed.
  • It is particularly important to equip your vessel with an appropriate high-quality tarpaulin.

To take down, tie or store your sails, to install the tarpaulin and for other services related to tarpaulin repair, we recommend that you contact one of our certified partners.

Our marina staff regularly inspect vessels and empty tarpaulins where large amounts of rainwater have accumulated, even several times in a row for some vessels, which may create additional expenses for tarpaulin water removal services. Therefore, we strongly advise that you pay attention to the quality of your tarpaulin as each water accumulation event can entail both expenses and damages to your vessel. 
  • For sailboats wintering on land or the dry dock, the mainsail and jib must be removed as well, which is also recommended for sailboats remaining at sea.  The fenders of vessels on land must be taken down and stored as they are not necessary there, and may damage the hull paint because they are more exposed to the wind compared to when the vessel is in the water.
  • Book our free black water holding tank emptying service. We recommend that all owners of vessels wintering on land or using dry dock services make an appointment for black water holding tank emptying services before hauling up the vessel onto land. Book your appointment 3 days in advance. Emptying services are carried out from Monday to Friday in two time slots: at 9:00 and 13:00. Vessels are emptied at a set location at pier A1, under the white crane.
If you cannot carry out the wintering preparations for your vessel in person or in full, our marina staff will be happy to assist you when it comes to minor services such as fender and awning removal and their storage in the cockpit.

With prior booking at, we charge for our marina staff services according to our current price list.

And don't forget, time flies and spring is just around the corner – book your regular vessel, equipment and propulsion engine spring maintenance services well in advance!!

The Punat Shipyard Yacht Service offers a 30% discount on hoisting and lowerign by travel lift between 1 October and 28 February for clients with a valid annual berth contract in marina.
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