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We offer you summer and winter boat preparation and maintenance packages
In terms of sports and recreation boats, we recognize two important periodsof the year: 
  • Period of utilisation (usually in the summer)
  • Period of inactivity (winter)

For each of the mentioned periods, boats, especially the propulsion part, must be well prepared.

For this purpose, the Punat Shipyard has prepared several summer and winter preparation packages.

We have created a special package for a complete boat and propulsion preparation entitled SUMMER COMPLETE.
Prepare boat for summer
SUMMER Complete
SUMMER Complete
To make your summer relaxed and enjoyable and to ensure safe navigation it is necessary to make the proper preparations.
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WINTER Complete
WINTER Complete
Proper preparation and care during the winter months ensure that the weather conditions and non usage of the boat do minimum harm to your boat’s vital equipment.
Our experts recommend the following as good preparation and care in the  winter months:
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Prepare boat for winter
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