Capacities and Equipment

The Punat Shipyard has excellent infrastructure for repairs of all types of vessels.
The shipyard has the following capacities in an area of approximately 30,000 m2:

Coastline of a total of 160m for boat mooring and performance of works

  • travel lift up to 100t
  • slipways up to 600t
  • hydraulic cart for boat land transport up to 20t
  • hydraulic cart for boat land transport up to 30t
  • Telescopic platform for works at heights up to 25m
  • Tugboat for towing vessels

  • 600 t slipway for single hull vessels up to 50m in length
  • 450 t slipway for catamarans up to 50m in length

Shipyard Hangars​

  • Hangar, 60x20x10m dimensions with a 50x11 m overhead travelling crane with 3 t load bearing capacity
  • Hangar, 38x9, 2x8m dimensions
  • Awning, 50x22x5m dimensions
There is the option of erecting tents on a slipway and in the service zone for vessels too large for the hangars. Electricity is distributed throughout the entire shipyard area. Compressed air, water and electricity hook-ups are also available on site. 
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