Marina Club Card

Just being a client of the Marina Punat means being part of an exclusive club. The Marina Club Card entitles holders to various benefits and special discounts. 
With Marina Membership Card you can get great discounts in Hotel Kanajt, our restaurant and shops within the Marina, as well as in numerous restaurants and shops throughout the Island of Krk. Save additionally by paying less for services of our Yacht Service or services provided by our partners.

Our network of partners is constantly being expanded to provide our Club Card holders with special discounts.

Marina Club Card benefits

Apart from an easy entry and free parking in the marina, our resident clients (customers with an annual contract) have access to plenty of bene­fits with our Marina Club Card:
  • INCREASING LOYALTY DISCOUNT - starting already after your 5th contract year
  • SENSE4BOAT - MARINA CLOUD SENSORS -100% credit note for purchase of sensor for monitoring of the water level in the bilge and smoke (for sailing boats) or sensor for monitoring of the water level in the bilge and elevated temperature risk detection sensor in the engine room (for motor boats)
  • MARINA RESTAURANT -10%  discount
  • BISTRO 9 BOFORA -10%  discount
  • HOTEL KANAJT AND BUNGALOWS -10% discount on accommodation by direct booking (Marina Punat Hotel & Resort d.o.o.)
  • SUN LONGERS AT THE SWIMMING POOL AT HOTEL KANAJT -50% discount on list price (Marina Punat Hotel & Resort d.o.o.)
  • FITNESS STUDIO AT HOTEL KANAJT -50% discount (Marina Punat Hotel & Resort d.o.o.)
  • FREE FLIGHT SHUTTLE TO THE RIJEKA   AIRPORT FLIGHTS on the route Punat – Rijeka Airport – Punat, when announced at least 1 day upfront (service not available for BASIC berth users)
  • SERVICE  PACKAGES, discount in the form of service packages, for hoisting and lowering of the boat and land storage for works in the Shipyard – Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o.
  • MARINA BEACH MEDANE - FREE shuttle; -50% discount on sun loungers and parasols
  • NAUTIC SHOP,  Marina Commerce d.o.o. -5%  on  each  individual  purchase equal to or exceeding HRK 500
  • MARKET   MARINA held by company Trgovina Krk d.d. -3% discount on each individual purchase in the Marina shop equal to or exceeding HRK 300
  • WINE HOUSE IVAN KATUNAR   -5%   discount  on  each  individual  purchase equal to  or  exceeding  HRK  100 (shops are in Vrbnik and Punat)
  • SUNNY PET SALON Punat - 5% discount on services
  • DEMETRA Beauty   Parlour in Kornić, -10% discount on services
  • BEAUTY PARLOUR LA BELEZZA in Krk -10% discount on services
  • SALON SPA&BEAUTY QUEEN at the hotel Kanajt -10% discount on services
  • EXCURSIONS BY BOAT -10% on excursions
  • VRBNIK  WINE  TALES  - wine tour of the island of Krk, dinner with wine tasting of 9 labels with pick-up at your address -10%
  • SAILING SCHOOL NAS in Punat -10% for sailing school and all advanced sailing courses
  • TOURIST AGENCY DEPOPE -10% discount on services 
  • LUXURY RENTALS & CHARTER SHARE -10% discount on services
  • INFINITY SPORT -10% discount for group biking tours across island of Krk 
Members of Marina Punat Group
  • Marina Punat d.o.o.
  • Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o.
  • Marina Punat Hotel & Resort
  • Marina Commerce d.o.o.
  • Gajeta d.o.o.
  • Kvarner d.o.o.
  • Brodica d.o.o.
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