Nautical Shop

A well-provisioned nautic shop is right at the marina entrance, with over 10.000 nautical items also available through a webshop. You will find everything you require for safe sailing and a comfortable stay aboard, as well as everything you need for boat repair and regular maintenance of your vessel.

Business hours
Shop around for all of your boat equipment in our nautical shop within the marina. It is a pleasure for every yachtie to choose from a wide range of practical and decorative items to customise your boat to your needs. Browse through more than 10.000 items in our webshop and order them online, and if you need some advice, our expert staff in the shop will gladly assist you. 
Our nautic shop features everything that you need for boat and engine maintenance and cleaning, as well as a wide selection of yacht and sailing equipment, textile and galley items, as well as sailing clothes, shoes and accessories. 
Order the printing of the adhesive stickers for your boat registration, boat name and logo so that you can customise or refresh the look of your yacht. 
A 3D printer is available for the printing of various 3D items. 
Marina Boutique is a special corner at our Nautic shop where you can find items with our marina and yacht club logo if you wish to take a souvenir for yourself or your friends and family. 

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Tel. +385 51 654 303

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