Complete Service

Everything you need in one place! Our professional team is sure to recognize and meet all your requests in order to make your vessel fully functional. 
Quickly and simply arrange repairs, modifications and maintenance:
  • Hoisting, lowering, vessel manipulation
  • Sale, service and installation of engines and spare parts
  • Works on electrical equipment and electronics
  • Works on plastics, wood, steel, aluminium and stainless steel
  • Locksmith and pipe works
  • Turning works
  • Carpentry and upholstery works
  • Hydraulics works
  • Works on masts and deck equipment

Special service:



The device uses recycled glass with the same standards and results for the treatment of a range of materials (plastics, steel, aluminium, wood, stone) as well the previous media, but is more ecologically and environmentally acceptable. 
The advantage of this process compared to others is that this method is innovative and versatile, organic and ecological. The technology provides for quick clean-up, saving the ship owner time and money.

Among others, it is suitable for the following services: 
  • Removal of anti-fouling coating, paints, primers and corrosion
  • Osmosis repairs

  • Possibility of applying various granulations depending on the state and type of surface.
  • The treated surface is more levelled and smoother, thereby decreasing the cost of surface preparation using a levelling kit and is immediately ready for application of additional coatings.
  • Does not contain heavy and toxic metals, no sparks
  • No dust when using water
  • Prevents corrosion on treated surfaces for a period of 72 hours
We useInternational, Hempel, Veneziani and Jotun products on technologically treated surfaces according to our clients’ wishes.


Sanding with soda removes surface impurities using soda crystal energy, which break when they hit the surface, transferring their energy to the entire surface. This method does not damage seals, rubber or plastic masses, and it is safe to use on plastic, wood, aluminium and other alloys.

It is used to degrease surfaces, clean engines, propellers, axle lines, flaps, sterndrives and deck equipment.

Please contact us for more information and prices. 
Safe vessel hoisting or lowering and transport with our superb equipment
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Mechanics and Electrics
Mechanics and Electrics
Our professional staff have been trained at authorised institutions and engine and equipment manufacturers and they utilise the most modern tools and equipment guaranteeing successful execution of the most complexworks on vessels of various types and years of production. 
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Professional staff
Proven quality
Painting, plastics, wood
Painting, plastics, wood
Professional staff with comprehensive experience in vessel repairs, maintenance and servicing using products of proven quality by globally renowned manufacturers are the guarantee of a high level of service.
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