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The tradition of the Punat Shipyard dates all the way back to 1922, when Nikola Zoric, founder and first owner, started a business of shipbuilding with 11 employees on an area of 1654m2.
On just two slipways, mainly wooden vessels up to 350t were built. Those included many types of vessels: sailing ships (trageti, leuti), cargo ships, fishing boats and yachts - all made of wood, for which this shipyard became famous. In the eighties of the 20th century, the Shipyard Punat was the biggest shipyard for constructing wooden vessels in Croatia. In time past mainly oriented to wood as a constructive material for shipbuilding, today the shipyard on its facilities, with employees and various subcontractors offers a refit and repair for all kind of working boats and large yachts up to 50 m length.

In 2022 the Shipyard PUNAT is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its successful business existence.
Thanks to the Punat Shipyard and, later founded, Marina Punat, this small island town resisted the desolation fate of many little towns along our coast and grew into a modern European nautic centre.

The beginnings were, as they usually are, very modest. In the early 20th century, the boatbuilding on the island of Krk wasn’t very developed. The boats were mainly ordered at nearby shipyards of Rijeka and Mali Lošinj. In 1907 there were only two docks in Punat suitable for minor repairs of small vessels. In 1920 a young boatbuilder Nikola Žorić built his first boat for a private client on one of these docks. Encouraged by this success, on June 22, 1922, he got a licence to “start running a boatbuilding shop, i.e. building new boats and cargo ships up to 8 meters long and up to 5 tons of weight and repairing sailboats whatsoever... “This is considered the foundation of the future shipyard Punat and related companies and businesses today, all part of Marina Punat Group. 

In the early 20th century, the boats were built in wood exclusively, so the jobs were tightly connected to wooden boatbuilding. Between the two world wars, the first diesel engines appeared in boatbuilding, steel became the mainstream boat building material, and in the 1960ies came the fibreglass.

Over the past hundred years, the Punat Shipyard mainly employed people from the island of Krk. The Shipyard Punat relies on its own resources and business intelligence from its founding days. Apart from growing their own workers and investing in employee education and training, many investment projects were executed based on their own ideas and projects conceived and designed by their own engineers. The impact of Punat Shipyard on the local community is immense. Besides providing employment for over 1300 employees and living for their families, this business has directly impacted the life and development of the town for a century. There is hardly any family in Punat and surroundings that have no connection to the shipyard, marina, or other businesses gathered in Marina Punat Group. Many people have started and finished their careers within this same company. Today the average age of the employees is 45; they are skilled in contemporary crafts required for maintenance of modern boats, but also in traditional skills like rope splicing and sailmaking. 

Today, the Punat shipyard mainly maintains and refits boats up to 50 m in length and 600 tons of freight. Local excursion boats are regular customers, just like medium and large leisure vessels moored at Marina Punat come for regular maintenance, while the large yachts from other marinas, including the largest of the increasingly popular catamarans, come here for the major repairs and refit. 

We apply the highest ecological standards as well as waste management techniques in our work,to ensure that the sea and environment remain clean for our enjoyment and for future generations. The Punat Shipyard bears the ISO 9001 certificate, and the certificates of many engine and equipment manufacturers, including the Croatian Register of Shipping.

All works are covered by a guarantee and a vessel repair insurance policy. 


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