Visit DUBoak centre of maritime heritage Visit DUBoak centre of maritime heritage
The interpretation centre of maritime heritage in Malinska – DUBoak has an exciting way of introducing you to the powerful impact of a tree on the local community’s development.
Asparagus dishes at our bistro Asparagus dishes at our bistro
The first warm spring days after the rain remind us of the peculiar scent and taste of young, wild asparagus. Their slightly bitter taste matches various sauces and meat dishes perfectly, and the classical island dish is the indispensable fritaja – scrambled eggs, with asparagus and prosciutto.
Continuous improvements to the infrastructure Continuous improvements to the infrastructure
Our goal is to keep the leadership in nautical tourism by increasing the quality at all areas and levels of business, continuing to develop within existing property limits based on the sustainability principles, as we have done so far.
Easier entry of vessels to Croatia Easier entry of vessels to Croatia
Croatia is a part of the Schengen area and regulations for sailing in or out of Croatia are much simpler.
Download the new marina magazine Download the new marina magazine
Find out some useful information from the nautical world, news at the marina in the new issue of the Marina News 39 magazine, available on 160 pages.
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Perfect location
Perfect location
Enjoying the yachting life does not have to be related to only a few short summer months. Take every chance for a brief vacation at sea all year long.
The perfect location of Marina Punat makes it easy for yachties to visit often, which makes it the favourite second home to many yacht owners.
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Excellent connectivity
Vicinity To European Metropolises
Vienna 550 km
Graz 350 km
Munich 550 km
Ljubljana 160 km
Trieste 130 km
Venice 290 km
Proactive boat care
Superb security
Superb security
To fully relax and enjoy your vacation, it is essential to have reliable safety for your family and top-level care and security for your valuable property. Video surveillance, the state of the art firefighting and emergency intervention systems guarantee your safety when in the marina. In addition, 24/7 webcam view and our unique proactive boat care system of surveillance and reporting provide information about your boat security and peaceful sleep when you are at home.  
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Your boat brings you great pleasure and numerous adventures. You can reciprocate the favour by choosing a service which is authorised by engine manufacturers and which installs genuine parts with
warranty, guarantees safety and quality of repairs and uses state of the art certified equipment.
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