Environment friendly Marina

For the past twenty years, we have been awarded the BLUE FLAG, as international recognition of our excellent waste management practices, excellent sea cleanliness and quality, the ecological principles we abide by and the rational use of natural resources.

Sustainable development

Marina Punat is proud to carry the name of an ECO marina in Croatia. Sustainable development is reflected in appropriate environmental protection policies through the protection of sea and water, air and soil. Controlled supervision of technological processes that could threaten the environment is implemented in the marina. Punat was the first marina to receive the prestigious ISO 14001 international standard for environmental protection management, which it has held since 2010.

Foundation for Environmental Education  - the international environmental training program, which is primarily aimed to ensure sustainable seawater and coastal zone management, has awarded the marina with the diamond international BLUE FLAG award for consecutive twenty years.

Recertification by the British association, THYA
, has, once again, confirmed five golden anchors for the marina in Punat. This has reaffirmed the quality of service and abidance by the strict ecological standards that has positioned us as one of the top European destinations.

For years, we have organised the separate collection and recycling of communal waste, and we apply hazardous waste management procedures. All boat washes have special waste water separators, and rain water from the marina surface is collected and purified in separators along the shoreline. We regularly sample and analyse the composition of technological waters in the marina. The construction of piers is ecological, made of old railway tracks with wood cladding. This method of construction enables unobstructed sea circulation and contributes to sea cleanliness and quality that are regularly controlled. The pier construction can be easily removed once it deteriorates, and the waste materials (tracks and wood cladding) are non-hazardous waste that can be recycled or reused.

We have participated in the sea clean-up activities of Puntarska Draga (the Bay of Punat) for a number of years. In addition, our divers regularly clean the seabed of the marina and service waters. The marina team is ready for emergency interventions in case of environmental pollution and has dispersers and floating dams at its disposal to prevent any spread of pollution.

The marina contributes to reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere by approximately 13 t per year, with the generation of its own electrical energy in the solar power plant in the hall. Light pollution has been reduced to a minimum, with night lighting from the electrical cabinets directed towards the floor.

In 2010, the marina contributed finances and equipment in experimental works to excavate a section of the seabed at the entrance to Puntarska Draga, an experimental undertaking that has significantly increased sea water circulation in the bay. Following the first attempt in 1913, this successfully deepened the entrance section of the Bay of Punat. 

We highly value ecological principles and everything that nature provides to us and therefore we invest great effort into the cleanliness of the underwater and rational use of natural resources which has brought us the name of Eco marine in Croatia and for which we are proud to fly the Blue flag for more than 20 years in a row.

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