Frequently asked questions

Boat transport?
Boats from abroad must be transported by freight forwarding. It is recommended that the driver of the transport vehicle does not leave the vehicle during the stay in the marina.
Can I send a shipment to my boat?
Shipment within the European Union is possible, but with an announcement.  As it was required before, the name of the boat or the owner of the consignee of the shipment must be indicated.
Can I order work on my boat?
Our Yacht Service is open and working; please contact HERE for details and appointments.
Our partners are still available for required work.

The best that can be done for the boat is: regular annual maintenance, servicing the engine / drive, maintenance of the underwater part, changing the zinc anodes, which is definitely recommended.
A serviced engine and / or drive will be able to withstand much longer non-use should it occur. New antifouling will prevent larger fouling, especially small shells, which will later not be removable by washing or light grinding. Then, the renewal of antifouling will require greater, and therefore more expensive, work.

When the time comes that the current restraining orders are no longer in force, you will have a boat ready for navigation. You will not have to wait in a queue to order repair work, a place on land or some missing spare part. You will then start the engines and set sail with your boat, because as the saying goes "Navigare necesse est" - It is necessary to sail.  
Working hours during the year
Working hours of the marina and the shipyard are available on this page.

What the weather will be like
In addition to many weather application and weather forecasts, useful weather forecasts, wind, pressure and precipitation charts you can find at or get at the marina reception, daily.

Marina Punat has its own weather station where you can check the current weather conditions as well as weather history.
Using the electrical power connections
While you are in the marina, one vessel may be connected  only  to  one  power  socket  in  the power  pedestal.  For  safety  reasons  and out of fairness to others, please abide  by  this  rule.  Vessels  not  duly  connected may be  disconnected  from  our  infrastructure without prior notice.

Experience proves that electrical installations are the most common cause of fire.
Connection to the energy module when using socket 32A, 63A i 125A
Vessel owners that need stronger power, can buy a marina transponder chip at the marina reception desk and pay the desired amount for electricity.

If   the   transponder    has    insufficient credit or the transponder reading procedure was not completed correctly, the transaction  could  fail.  Each  electrical socket outlet is protected by a residual current  cut-out  device;  if  the  cut-out trips the socket will be deactivated and can only be reset by authorised marina personnel.  In  that  case  please  advise marina  staff  or  reception  office.  It  is very important that the connection cable is suitable in relation to the power draw  of  the  craft. 
We  recommend  that the connection cable is not longer than 20  m. For  an  optimal  and  safe  connection of all the boats in the marina, only one  power  cable  from  the  boat  may  be plugged  into  an  outlet.  In  this  way  we respect the safety norms.
Marina Punat provides   direct,   grounded   electrical connection to the power from the coast. The voltage in this marina is 230 v - 50 hz and all outlets are fitted according to the  standard  en  60609-2.
Loyalty discount after your 5th contract year
Contractual guests also enjoy special benefits. After the 5th year we grant you the first discount, ranging  from  3%  to  20%  for  contract partners  in  case  of  continuous  annual contracts (with the exception of partners chartering their vessels).
Discharge of holding tanks free of charge
Our wish is to keep our sea and coast as clean  as  possible.  For  that  reason,  marina provides  free  discharge of  holding  tanks for  black  water  for  all  vessels.  Holding tank discharge is possible only while the boat is in the water, at a special location in the service zone (next to the travel lift), out of consideration for other guests. The pump has  a  200-litre  capacity  and  this  service may be ordered at the marina reception desk, at least one day in advance.
This service is available on working days in two sessions 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the special area in front of the Yacht Service building.
Information available on the portal MY ACCOUNT
Our contract partners have the option of monitoring their personal and vessel info and  to  receive  regular  reports  on  vessel condition on the MY ACCOUNT portal. In one place, contract partners may simply check  their  personal  data, postal  address,  e-mail  and  vesseldata.

There are also coupons available for the use of benefits offered by the marina as well as photos gallery.
How does WLAN work?
The  entire  marina  is  covered  with  an internet  signal and the service is free of charge.  Just  bring  your  smartphone  or  notebook with you and  always  be  online. The internet network of the marina is very wide and the signal is suficient for  download  of  usual  data  quantities, i.e.  checking  e-mail,  news,  internet  surfing. All you have to do is log in to the network without prior registration.
Licenced anchorages
All information about anchoring of vessels, including a list of granted concessions that are allowed to charge you a fee for anchoring you can ­find under
Who is allowed to work on your boat?
Entrust the works on your boat only to persons and companies registered for servicing activities and authorized to work. The works contractor should ask for an ID card at the yacht service reception desk and pay a charge for the use of the infrastructure, according to the current price list.

Only a person holding prior authorization may take the keys for boat access. If repairs and maintenance works are performed within the warranty term, the procedure and the rules are the same. Please notify the repair staff coming aboard your boat to check in at the reception desk of the Yacht Service and to present a valid warranty order for issue of the ID card and payment of the charge. If the Yacht Service reception desk is closed, the
ID card may be requested at other reception desks or at the entrance to the marina.

Please note once again the works in the marina, at the sea berth or ashore, are prohibited. Exceptions are small-scale and quiet works on the vessel (cleaning, washing of the boat,
measurement, repair and assembly and removal of awnings or upholstery). For any largescale, noiseemitting works or works possibly causing air, sea or soil pollution, and works that might jeopardize the safety of people or cause damages to property,
please order transport of the vessel to the SERVICE ZONE OF THE PUNAT SHIPYARD.

An external services provider has to submit these necessary documents in order to obtain a work and get an ID card:
  • job description
  • list of workers that will perform work
  • estimated duration of the works
  • company registration
  • statement that all workers are trained to work in a safe way
  • statement that will use the functional and certified equipment and tools
  • insurance policy
Why should I announce the arrival of a boat in the marina?
When  arriving  in  the  marina  for  the  first time,  please  notify  us  on  time,  so  that  we can   prepare   everything   needed   for   an adequate berth for your boat. We recommend  you use the radio  station  for  further communication  –  VHF  channel  17.  If there  is  no  radio  station  on  the  boat  you can call us by phone 00385 (0)51 654 135 or mobile 00385 (0)911 654 479.
Lowering or hoisting the boat
We  recommend:  the  service  of  hoisting or lowering of a boat should be ordered at least 3 days in advance so as to ensure the  desired  timing.  It  is  obligatory  for the  owner  or  an  assignee  to  be  present  at hoisting the boat since the vessel has to  be  prepared  for  land  (support  and  control  of  the  sails, the  rigging, ropes,  taking  of  bimini,  fenders,  dinghies  and other equipment).
If the owner or the assignee is not present, we will not be able to lower the boat because there is a risk of sinking afterwards (sometimes during the  preparation  of  the  vessel  the valves could be forgotten, so there is a risk of  their  breaking  or  wearing  out  due  to  cold,    etc.).   
All    these    measures    are  being taken for safety reasons, to protect your valuable equipment!
Car park
Marina Punat has set up parking places for  your  vehicles  above  the  garages:  at the  plateau  and  between  the  olive trees.  In this  zone,  you  can  always  find  a  free parking space.

The marina is not registered for camping; therefore  camping  vehicles  cannot  be accepted  in  the  marina  area.  Caravans and  campers  used  as  personal  vehicles should be parked in the parking area on the  plateau  above  the  garages.  Guests cannot   stay   in   them.   Caravans   and campers cannot be plugged to the electrical supply.
Entry and sojourn of foreign vessels
It is compulsory to certify a list of crews and passengers on a ship in the port captaincy or port captaincy, to pay the prescribed sail safety fees, to pay the sojourn tax, to register the stay of foreign citizens on board in accordance with special regulations.

The  skipper  of  a  vessel  entering  the  Republic of  Croatia  by  sea  is  required  to sail, by the shortest route, into the nearest  port open for international traffic in order to carry out border and custom controls.He is obligated to certify a crew and passenger list at a harbormasters' main or subsdiary office, pay the navigation safety fees, the sojourn tax and report the presence of foreign citizens on the vessel, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations.

MARITIME BORDER CROSSINGS - Ports open for international traffic

Permanent maritime border crossings: Umag, Poreč, Rovinj, Pula, Raša (Bršica), Rijeka, Mali Lošinj (Lošinj), Zadar, Šibenik, Split, Ploče, Korčula, Dubrovnik, Ubli (Lastovo)

Seasonal maritime border crossings: ACI marina Umag, Novigrad (Istra), Sali (Dugi otok), Božava (Dugi otok), Primošten (Kremik), Hvar, Stari Grad (Hvar), Komiža (Vis), Vela Luka (Korčula) i Cavtat
Useful application for boaters nIS
The  application  is  designed  for  smart phones   with   the   Android   system,   as well as for iPhone mobile devices, and is made  in  a  multilingual  version. Among other contacts nIS includes work-
ing  hours  and  geographical  location  of public  services,  ports,  marinas,  nautical anchorages,  petrol  stations,  hyperbaric chambers, medical institutions and other  for  safety  at  sea  essential  public  and commercial services.
The  application  will  contribute  to  the safety  of  human  lives  and  property  at sea, and to facilitate availability of public services of safety at sea.
Leaving Croatian waters
Before  leaving  Croatian  waters  the  vessel's skipper is required to submit to border  controls;  have  the  list  of  crew  and passengers endorsed by a harbormasters' main or subsidiary office.  On  discharging  these  obligations,  the  vessel's  skipper must take the shortest course out of Croatia's  inland  sea  waters  and  territorial sea.
Do I need a letter of authorisation by the owner?
A  vessel  owned  by  a  natural  person  or persons,   cruising   in   Croatian   waters, may, while at sea, carry the vessel’s owner,   the   owner’s   close   family   members and persons authorised in writing by the owner. The owner’s signature on the letter of authorisation must be endorsed by a Croatian or foreign competent authority. 
Operating a vessel
Persons in command of small boats and yachts  must  possess  the  relevant  training  in  accordance  with  the  laws  and regulations  of  the  vessel's  ag  country. If  the  ag  nation's  laws  and  regulations do  not  require  the  possession  of  such training,  Croatian  laws  and  regulations shall  be  implemented  instead.  The  skipper  of  a  Croatian-flagged  boat  or  yacht must possess, depending on the category of vessel, a Certi­cate of Competence for  Pleasure  Craft,  a  Yachtmaster's  Certi­cate  of  Competence,  or  a  certi­cate/license    for  operating  small  boats  and yachts  issued  by  a  foreign  nation's  authorities   and   recognised   by   Croatia's Ministry  of  Maritime  Affairs,  Transport and  Infrastructure.
The  list  of  recognised foreign-issued   certi­cates/licenses   can be  found  on  the  Ministry's  website  at
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