Frequently asked questions

Where to clean the car and inflate tires?
We have a self-service repair station for vehicles where you can use a self-service vacuum cleaner and air compressor for bicycle and car tires. You will find the repair station at the road leading to the Yacht Service, and you can purchase the tokens for the vacuum cleaner at the marina reception for 1 € a piece.
For inflating boat tenders and fenders, you can still use the air compressor at the entrance of our maintenance service workshop.

How to use the charging station for e-vehicles?
Following the instalment of 6 electric car charger ports and a free test period lasting one year, now a fee applies to connecting to charger ports.
Only marina residents were able to use these charging stations until now. All our guests will be able to access them from now on at a surcharge.

You can use the e-charging station via the "NEXTCHARGE" mobile application. The charging price per kW/h is 0,60 €.
The application is free and does not require registration or creation of a user account.  
You can create a user account to add funds to your account/wallet in advance.

Below are brief instructions on how to activate the "NEXTCHARGE" application:
  • Download your "NEXTCARGE" application via Google Play / Apple APP Store. The home page of the application is also a map with all e-charging stations in your immediate vicinity.
  • Choose desired charging station manually or by scanning the QR code located above each socket. The option to scan the QR code is located in the upper right corner of your "NEXTCHARGE" application homepage. By scanning the QR code, you directly access the desired outlet.  When choosing outlet manually you should pay attention to the designated ID number of the outlet located below the QR code (eg: IT*GES*EJNX) to make sure that you have chosen the correct outlet.
  • After selecting the desired outlet, the application prompts you to choose a payment method. You have to enter your credit card number so that the payment can be made. To confirm and start charging, the application will charge a one-time amount of € 15 to ensure payment, which will be returned to your account within 24 hours from the end of charging. The payment will be made after the charging has been completed and concluded.
  • If you wish to avoid entering data from the card at each top-up, you may create a user account. Funds can be added to your account in advance. After the first top-up of your account/wallet, a "NEXTCHARGE" RFID card will be delivered to your home address for easier use of the charging station.
  • After charging, the application will send you a push notification informing you that the charging has been completed successfully.
  • Upon charging, it is necessary to check out the further use of the charging station and remove the car from the parking spot.
  • To ensure prompt release of the station for other users, the application charges an amount of € 0,10 per minute spent at the charging station after charging has been completed.
Where to park your car in the marina?
Marina has around 700 parking spots in vast parking areas – several parking floors, a parking lot above garages and in front of the Hotel Kanajt. You will find a parking spot in one of these areas at any time.

However, at the season's peak, we come short of parking spaces, no matter how many parking lots we build. Therefore we have exceptionally allowed the clients of Dry Dock, Dry Berth and Dry Marina services to park their vehicle at the place of their dry berth while their vessel is in the sea.

Our daily visitors, clients in transit and charter guests are invited to park their vehicles in front of the Hotel Kanajt and take advantage of the daily parking fee, which is more convenient than the hourly rate charged in the marina. That parking fee can be paid at parking machines in the marina. 

Every year we try to increase the number of parking spaces, because we are aware that in the peak season, when we have the largest number of visitors, more parking space is required. In order to better organize this much-needed service, we have enabled the users of the DRY DOCK and DRY BERTH service in dry marina to park their vehicles at the contract place of the boat, while the vessel is in the sea.

Vehicle access to the marina is still possible as before, with the note that you can use a free hour of parking, and then return the vehicle to the contract position in a dry marina.

As the marina is not registered for camping/camp site activities, but campers do often park inside the marina, we have been subjected to many inspections whenever officers spot campers on our parking site, and the fines are very high. Unfortunately, we cannot monitor all individuals entering the marina with campers, and many also use their campers or caravan houses to spend the night. Our business is highly concerned with the safety of vessels at berth on the sea or land. Therefore, we have decided to redirect caravan houses and campers used by our guests in lieu of personal vehicles to locations outside, but near the marina.
It will still be possible to briefly enter the marina in order to unload items onto vessels, but drivers will be asked to park at designated parking spots after that.
We would like to emphasize that campers and caravan houses may not connect to power sources at the new location, and staying in them is not allowed either.
Where to park your pet?
Our marina is pet friendly, yet we work hard to allow for the peaceful cohabitation of pet owners and those not so fond of pets. Certain areas are still limited for pets, so we have strategically placed several poles and links near bathrooms, reception and grocery stores, so you can park your dog while you enter to do your business. 

All of our restaurants are pet friendly, as long as you ensure your dog does not disturb other guests.

Look for a sign like this and tie your dog before entering marina office, bathrooms or stores.

Where to dispose of waste?
The Island of Krk is the national pioneer in waste management. Since 2005 we have well-organised waste separation and collection and recycling. We are among the European best, with over 55% of waste separated at the collection, and our objective is to reach 80% of separated waste in 2022. Good cooperation and effort of both businesses and individuals are required to achieve the 2022 goal.

Marina Punat is a proud member of the Eco Island Krk initiative. We have 10 locations for separated waste collection within the marina, and there are additional four spots with containers for special and dangerous waste. This includes separate containers for engine oil and everything oil-related (residual engine oil, oil containers, oily packaging, used fuel and oil filters, oily rags and sponges, as well as oily bilge water), containers for old batteries, electric parts and electronic equipment. Each type of dangerous waste should be disposed of in the proper bin. 

SEPARATE YOUR WASTE - just like at home!
  • When at the boat, make sure you separate right away plastic, metal and glass from general waste.
  • Dispose of old batteries (AA, AAA etc.) into the dedicated battery container at the Nautical store.
  • Dispose of chemicals and other dangerous waste, remaining in appropriate containers after boat work and repairs.
  • Pick debris after your dog or garbage after your child. We will make sure that all the waste is regularly collected and recycled.

No matter how careful we are, it is inevitable for all of us to leave some waste behind that someone else will have to pick, which is why we need to do the same for others. The idea of the “Blue Bag” initiative is founded in that solidarity principle - encouraging us to pick up the waste washed out on the shores. Though we cannot determine where it comes from, seaborn trash litters our beaches. Suppose each of us would fill one blue bag with that debris. In that case, we could significantly reduce the amount of waste floating around and help the joint efforts to clean Adriatic shores. Grab your blue bag at our Reception and bring it on your boat trip or excursion. When in nature, pick any plastic, glass or other waste you encounter on land or sea. Once you fill your bag, leave it next to the general waste container, and we will make sure it is collected and properly disposed of or recycled.

Look for eco waste disposal points on the marina map.
How to avoid sea pollution

Abandon single-use PVC shopping bags and opt for canvas bags or durable bags for multiple uses. Pick your free canvas bag at the signing of the annual berth contract or buy a new one in our Nautic shop. Quit using single-use plastic tableware such as plates, cutlery, cups and straws and replace them with better and more durable alternatives. These will be heavier and harder to be swept off by the wind. Use bowls to serve potato chips, cookies and fruit and dispose of their light packaging (plastic bags and fruit nets) into the waste bin, as they are easily blown off the deck. Ensure all deck equipment is stored correctly or tied up, so it doesn’t end up overboard. 

It is common to find some oil in bilge waters pumped out by the bilge pump. A sponge is placed in the bilge to attract and lock oil and fuel, i.e., purifying the bilge water and making it safe for the environment. That sponge is called a bilge skimmer, and you can get it in our Nautical shop at a 10% discount with your Marina Club Card. 

While at the marina, you are likely using the benefit of our bathrooms and taking advantage of our restaurant kitchen. Still, once you sail out and your bathroom gets more traffic, your wastewater tank can fill up rather quickly. Do not empty it at the open sea, for the soap water and detergents are harmful to sea life. Instead, empty your wastewater tank, free of charge, as soon as you return to the marina. Make sure it is unloaded before hauling up the vessel (for dry berth or repairs) to avoid unpleasant incidents when wastewater suddenly leaks. Emptying wastewater tanks is a quick procedure, and it is free of charge, both for resident vessels and boats in transit. It is done while the vessel is floating in the service area, near thepier A1, to avoid disturbing the neighbouring yachts at berth. Schedule your wastewater disposal at least one day ahead at our Reception or via e-mail
Is the water in the marina drinkable?
USE THE FRESHWATER - it is not well known that Croatia is extremely rich in freshwater sources, and all of our tap water is drinkable. In fact, sometimes the tap water is of better quality than the bottled water available in supermarkets. For example, the water in Punat is natural spring water coming from Vela Fontana springs in the north of the island of Krk. Our water is barely treated, just to be sanitary safe for consumption. Regular testing confirms safety in 100% of tests; hence there is no risk for consumption of our tap water. So, skip the PET bottles! Instead, get yourself a cool bottle in glass or an insulated bottle, and for your next excursion or beach trip, have some chilled fresh water from a reusable bottle.  
Boat transport?
If your boat needs to arrive at the marina by land, please let us know in writing so that we can prepare the berth in time.
Please contact our yacht service to make an appointment for the crane.
Can I send a shipment to my boat?
Shipment within the European Union is possible, but with an announcement.  As it was required before, the name of the boat or the owner of the consignee of the shipment must be indicated.
Can I order work on my boat?
Please contact our Yacht Service for details and appointments.
Our partners are available for required work.

The best that can be done for the boat is: regular annual maintenance, servicing the engine / drive, maintenance of the underwater part, changing the zinc anodes, which is definitely recommended.
A serviced engine and / or drive will be able to withstand much longer non-use should it occur. New antifouling will prevent larger fouling, especially small shells, which will later not be removable by washing or light grinding. Then, the renewal of antifouling will require greater, and therefore more expensive, work.

When the time comes that the current restraining orders are no longer in force, you will have a boat ready for navigation. You will not have to wait in a queue to order repair work, a place on land or some missing spare part. You will then start the engines and set sail with your boat, because as the saying goes "Navigare necesse est" - It is necessary to sail.  
Working hours during the year
Working hours of the marina and the shipyard are available on this page.

What the weather will be like
In addition to many weather application and weather forecasts, useful weather forecasts, wind, pressure and precipitation charts you can find at or get at the marina reception, daily.

Marina Punat has its own weather station where you can check the current weather conditions as well as weather history.
Using the electrical power connections
While you are in the marina, one vessel may be connected  only  to  one  power  socket  in  the power  pedestal.  For  safety  reasons  and out of fairness to others, please abide  by  this  rule.  Vessels  not  duly  connected may be  disconnected  from  our  infrastructure without prior notice.

Experience proves that electrical installations are the most common cause of fire.
Connection to the energy module when using socket 32A, 63A i 125A
Vessel owners that need stronger power, can buy a marina transponder chip at the marina reception desk and pay the desired amount for electricity.

If   the   transponder    has    insufficient credit or the transponder reading procedure was not completed correctly, the transaction  could  fail.  Each  electrical socket outlet is protected by a residual current  cut-out  device;  if  the  cut-out trips the socket will be deactivated and can only be reset by authorised marina personnel.  In  that  case  please  advise marina  staff  or  reception  office.  It  is very important that the connection cable is suitable in relation to the power draw  of  the  craft. 
We  recommend  that the connection cable is not longer than 20  m. For  an  optimal  and  safe  connection of all the boats in the marina, only one  power  cable  from  the  boat  may  be plugged  into  an  outlet.  In  this  way  we respect the safety norms.
Marina Punat provides   direct,   grounded   electrical connection to the power from the coast. The voltage in this marina is 230 v - 50 hz and all outlets are fitted according to the  standard  en  60609-2.
Loyalty discount after your 5th contract year
Contractual guests also enjoy special benefits. After the 5th year we grant you the first discount, ranging  from  3%  to  20%  for  contract partners  in  case  of  continuous  annual contracts (with the exception of partners chartering their vessels).
How to schedule your free holding tank discharge?
Let’s remember – discharge of solid or liquid waste, leaking oily bilge water, or holding tank discharge pollutes the environment and is heavily penalised by port authorities.

There is no need to risk the penalty since the discharge of the holding tank in Marina Punat is free of charge. We discharge the tanks in two shifts, Monday to Friday at 9:00 and 13:00.
Please book your slot in our schedule at least one day ahead.
The tanks are emptied at a position at gate A1.

Check the condition of your bilge – the boat owner must put an eco-sponge or similar device in the boat’s bilge which collects contaminants which may occur as a result of a technical defect or inadequate maintenance of the vessel, and may be emptied directly into the sea through the bilge drainage system. 

Let’s protect our sea from biological and detergent pollution, oils and other toxic substances! The environmental damage caused by discharging waste into the environment can result in the destruction of the environment, nature and landscape, marine flora and fauna and is often difficult to undo!

Marina Punat has the means and equipment to prevent marine pollution and eliminate its effects. Special purpose port concession authorizer MARINA PUNAT d.o.o. has implemented a certified quality system in accordance with ISO 9001 as well as an environment management system in accordance with ISO 14001 certified by BUREAU VERITAS.  

Call +385 (0)51 654 111 or send us an email:
How does WLAN work?
The  entire  marina  is  covered  with  an internet  signal and the service is free of charge.  Just  bring  your  smartphone  or  notebook with you and  always  be  online. The internet network of the marina is very wide and the signal is suficient for  download  of  usual  data  quantities, i.e.  checking  e-mail,  news,  internet  surfing. All you have to do is log in to the network without prior registration.
Licenced anchorages
All information about anchoring of vessels, including a list of granted concessions that are allowed to charge you a fee for anchoring you can ­find on nautical application for boaters nIS.
Check who is allowed to work on your vessel
To satisfy the needs for various maintenance and repair services on vessels, the Punat Shipyard and Marina Punat have enabled many such service providers to operate within their concession space. We have numerous agreements with providers of various services, all of which can perform on your vessel.
Marina Punat d.o.o. and Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o. (Punat Shipyard) are maritime domain concession holders, able to supervise all service providers operating within this concession space.
If you arrange maintenance and repair works to be performed by service providers which are not on our contract partner list, please instruct them to provide timely notice of their arrival at the marina and to regulate their status well ahead, to obtain a daily work permit and pay the necessary fee, regardless of whether these activities are to be performed within a warranty period or not.

Marina Punat d.o.o. and/or Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o. will authorize the use of their infrastructure and resources if they conclude that the service provider in question satisfies the terms stated in the Regulations on the Establishment of Subcontracting Relationships of the companies Marina Punat d.o.o. and Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o.
Which steps should an external service provider take, if they are not one of the Marina and the Shipyard’s contract partners, to obtain a permit to use our infrastructure and work on your ship?
  1. The service provider must first check whether they can comply with our requirements. The conditions are described in detail in Regulations on the Establishment of Subcontracting Relationships of Marina Punat d.o.o.and Regulations on the Establishment of Subcontracting Relationships of Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o.  
  2. If a service provider estimates that they can comply with our requirements, they should send an e-mail request for a permit to use our infrastructure at least 3 (three) days before the scheduled start of their activities. The request and the necessary information and copies of the required documentation (as detailed in the Regulations) are to be mailed to the following e-mail address:  
  3. After that, the service provider will pay an infrastructure use fee and collect their daily permit from the Yacht Service reception desk if their request has been approved by the Marina and the Shipyard.  
    Payment of the related fee and collection of the daily work permit means the service provider, whose activities are permitted on a day-to-day basis, has read, understood, and accepted the Operating Conditions and the obligations and provisions listed in the Regulations on the Establishment of Subcontracting Relationships on our concession area.
We would like to point out that the obligation to pay a fee for the use of the marina and shipyard infrastructure (in the sum of €100 per person per day) does not apply to you but to the contractor performing the works, but to prevent any delay of the works contracted, we ask you to provide timely instructions regarding the procedure to your service provider. 

Service providers which are not on the Marina contract partner list and have not previously obtained a daily permit will be asked to suspend their works and instructed on how to obtain a daily infrastructure use permit.  We would like to remind you that the Yacht Service reception desk is open from Monday to Saturday from 8:00 to 16:00.

Delays in work may occur on days with increased work intensity in the marina and the shipyard. The companies Marina Punat d.o.o. and Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o. shall not be liable for any damages arising from these delays or from the inability to perform works (e.g. in case we have not agreed to provide the permit for the use of our infrastructure or if there is insufficient capacity for the performance of the works etc.).

While performing the work, the service providers must wear uniformed work clothes with clearly visible company logos and daily work permits, and be equipped with personal protective equipment.
Works which do not comply with the requirements in the General Terms and Conditions and the Regulations on Order in the Port of Marina Punat d.o.o. and the General Terms and Conditions and the Regulations on Order in the Port of Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o, as well as the Regulations on the Establishment of Subcontracting Relationships, will be suspended.
We would like to remind you once more that performing works in the marina at berth on the sea or land is not permitted. Exceptions apply to smaller works on the vessel (such as cleaning and washing the vessel, measurements, repairs and installation or dismantling of tarpaulins or pillows). In the case of all large-scale works, especially those that may cause environmental pollution or threaten the safety and health of individuals, or cause property or environmental damage, the owner shall order vessel transport into the SERVICE ZONE OF THE PUNAT SHIPYARD, the cost of which is specified on the relevant price list.
Check the list of our contract partners who have a valid contract establishing their subcontractor relationship and who are authorised to work within the marina, the dry dock and the shipyard. You can find an updated list on our website at any time.
If the service providers require the key to your vessel stored in our control centre, please send us written authorization for the collection of the stored vessel key in advance. The authorization can be e-mailed to
The General Terms and Conditions and the Regulations on Order in the Port of Marina Punat d.o.o. apply.
The Terms and Conditions of Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o. apply.
Why should I announce the arrival of a boat in the marina?
When  arriving  in  the  marina  for  the  first time,  please  notify  us  on  time,  so  that  we can   prepare   everything   needed   for   an adequate berth for your boat. We recommend  you use the radio  station  for  further communication  –  VHF  channel  17.  If there  is  no  radio  station  on  the  boat  you can call us by phone 00385 (0)51 654 135 or mobile 00385 (0)911 654 479.

If you rented a boat from one of the charter companies that have an office in the marina, please contact your charter base for docking assistencebefore entering into marina.
Lowering or hoisting the boat
We  recommend:  the  service  of  hoisting or lowering of a boat should be ordered at least 3 days in advance so as to ensure the  desired  timing.  It  is  obligatory  for the  owner  or  an  assignee  to  be  present  at hoisting the boat since the vessel has to  be  prepared  for  land  (support  and  control  of  the  sails, the  rigging, ropes,  taking  of  bimini,  fenders,  dinghies  and other equipment).
If the owner or the assignee is not present, we will not be able to lower the boat because there is a risk of sinking afterwards (sometimes during the  preparation  of  the  vessel  the valves could be forgotten, so there is a risk of  their  breaking  or  wearing  out  due  to  cold,    etc.).   
All    these    measures    are  being taken for safety reasons, to protect your valuable equipment!
Entry and sojourn of foreign vessels
Croatia is a part of the Schengen area and regulations for sailing in or out of Croatia are much simpler.
Small boats and yachts bearing flags of Schengen area countries no longer need to stop for border and customs control when sailing in. This also applies to third country vessels. Crews of these vessels coming into Croatia from ports in the Schengen area or heading to such ports will no longer be subject to any form of border control, even when sailing through international waters. An exception will be made for cases where border control is deemed necessary due to risk analysis.
When entering in Croatian waters, e.g. from Italy or Slovenia, the navigation safety fee has to be paid. Crew list is no longer required.
Useful application for boaters nIS
The  application  is  designed  for  smart phones   with   the   Android   system,   as well as for iPhone mobile devices, and is made  in  a  multilingual  version. Among other contacts nIS includes work-
ing  hours  and  geographical  location  of public  services,  ports,  marinas,  nautical anchorages,  petrol  stations,  hyperbaric chambers, medical institutions and other  for  safety  at  sea  essential  public  and commercial services.
The  application  will  contribute  to  the safety  of  human  lives  and  property  at sea, and to facilitate availability of public services of safety at sea.
Do I need a letter of authorisation by the owner?
A  vessel  owned  by  a  natural  person  or persons,   cruising   in   Croatian   waters, may, while at sea, carry the vessel’s owner,   the   owner’s   close   family   members and persons authorised in writing by the owner. The owner’s signature on the letter of authorisation must be endorsed by a Croatian or foreign competent authority. 
Operating a vessel
Persons in command of small boats and yachts  must  possess  the  relevant  training  in  accordance  with  the  laws  and regulations  of  the  vessel's  ag  country. If  the  ag  nation's  laws  and  regulations do  not  require  the  possession  of  such training,  Croatian  laws  and  regulations shall  be  implemented  instead.  The  skipper  of  a  Croatian-flagged  boat  or  yacht must possess, depending on the category of vessel, a Certi­cate of Competence for  Pleasure  Craft,  a  Yachtmaster's  Certi­cate  of  Competence,  or  a  certi­cate/license    for  operating  small  boats  and yachts  issued  by  a  foreign  nation's  authorities   and   recognised   by   Croatia's Ministry  of  Maritime  Affairs,  Transport and  Infrastructure.
The  list  of  recognised foreign-issued   certi­cates/licenses   can be  found  on  the  Ministry's  website.
Members of Marina Punat Group