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It is good to know that the Island of Krk is one of the sunniest regions of Europe with around 2,500 hours of sunshine per year. 
Krk is the first and the largest island in a magnificent chain of a thousand Adriatic islands. That makes Punat a natural starting point for a nautic adventure exploring the beauty of the Adriatic archipelago. However, the island of Krk itself is an exciting destination with its seven Mediterranean towns, over a hundred beaches and countless coves, available only by boat.
Marina Punats location is ideal for a natuical vocation in Croatia. One of the places yachtsmen love to return to every year is Kvarnerić, the gulf that includes the islands of Cres, Krk, Rab, Pag, Olib, Silba, Ilovik and Lošinj, with numerous lovely bays for anchoring.

The island of Krk itself has excellent trails for hiking and cycling. There are beautiful hidden pebble beaches with a crystal clear sea between Punat and the southern tip of the island that are only accessible by boat. Some are found on the south part of the island: Oprna, Zlatna Beach, Vela Luka and Mala Luka are just a few of them…

Each of them is different and unique, but what they all have in common is that they are all natural and full of pebbles of different sizes. There you will be able to relax and find peace and quiet of the unspoiled nature. Do not forget to take that first morning bath in the first rays of the sun. It is an indescribable experience you will remember for ever!

Alongside to the enviromental adventages and the services Marina Punat provides such as restaurants, food store and natuic shop, we can state that Island Krk is the ideal destination for a nautical vocation in Croatia.

The beaches of the island of Krk are well equipped and themed - party beaches with music and cocktail bars, luxury deck chairs and canopy beach beds, beaches with playgrounds for kids or suitable for dogs, all the way to the wild and natural beaches and those dedicated to nudists. Among the 100 beaches, 15 are decorated with the Blue Flag, a symbol of sea cleanliness and care for the environment. 
Medane Beach is an exclusive beach retreat for Marina Punat clients. It features a lounge bar and an open-air pool. Medane Beach is at the very end of Punat Bay, looking westward and to the open sea between islands Krk and Cres. There is a shuttle from the marina to Medane Beach several times during the day, and for resident clients, the ride is free of charge.

For boaters, the more precious are the hidden bays and coves that can be found everywhere, both on the island of Krk and on all the islands and islets nearby. 
The most popular destinations for day sailing are islands Plavnik, Prvić, Goli otok and St. Grgur - each less than 20nm away from Punat. Weekend trips usually take you to glorious bays and towns of nearby islands Cres, Rab and Lošinj, all within 35 nm from your home port.

YACHTS Croatia magazine describes a popular nautic route for a week sailing trip around Kvarner Bay in their article Five bays for yachtsmen near Marina Punat. Our residents love to take an extensive cruise at least once a year - it usually takes them to islands of Mid Adriatic (Kornati, Ist, Dugi otok) and further south, to the famous Dalmatian islands (Hvar, Vis, Korčula). With a reliable yacht and a trustworthy skipper, no horizon is out of reach! 

The gastronomy of the island of Krk is very rich, thanks to the rich nature and agriculture. No wonder Krk is known as "the Golden Island"! That was the nickname given to the island of Krk centuries ago when the island's agriculture was so abundant that it could feed the local people, and there was plenty to sell on the shore. 
Golden is the colour of the wine žlahtina from Vrbnik, golden is the premium extra-virgin olive oil from Krk, golden are the hardworking hands of the farmers working in the fields and producing the local food. 
Žlahtina is an indigenous sort of white wine cultivated dominantly around the town of Vrbnik, and it was decorated with numerous gold medals for its quality. Žlahtina is used to make Valomet - an original, world's first sparkling wine maturing underwater! Produced from a single sort of grapes, no sugar and no liqueur added, the wine for Valomet is fermenting in bottles placed on the seabed, 30 m under the surface where the temperature is steady, and it is 12 degrees of Celsius, the perfect conditions for sparkling wine fermentation. After the extended stay at the bottom of the sea, the bottles a natural decoration by algae and seashells occur, making each bottle a unique and attractive piece of art. 

Šurlice are an indigenous type of fresh pasta, traditionally made just before the meal. The technique is specific, for the fresh dough is rolled with a wooden stick to model the particular pasta shape. In the past, they used a knitting needle was for the same purpose. Šurlice are served along with many traditional meals, mostly homemade goulash, lamb stew, or asparagus sauce. Do not miss the opportunity to try them in one of our restaurants. 

Presnac is a traditional island dessert - a simple cake made of homemade skuta, i.e. fresh sheep cheese. Typically it was prepared in central parts of the island, in villages Kornić and Dobrinj, while the fresh sheep cheese is available in abundance.  Look for presnac in our restaurants during spring and early summer. 
The sheep cheese of Krk is an inevitable part of the local dinner table, and the most famous is Magriž - the sheep cheese manufactured in Kornić, a small village just across Punat Bay. A combination of homemade sheep cheese and aromatic herbs of the island, like sage, rosemary and immortelle, has distinguished Magriž among other cheeses and won numerous awards in cheese competitions. It is well worth trying and it is a popular take-away souvenir. 

The prosciutto of Krk made by the family Žužić in village Vrh is an indigenous product bearing the European quality mark for Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). The specific manufacturing process of the island of Krk includes salt rub with a particular spice mix (pepper, laurel and rosemary) and allows for no other preservatives. The salted pork legs are not smoked but dried in plain air and bora wind, then aged in dark chambers with specific humidity level. The result is prosciutto of extraordinary aroma and rich flavour that is easy to cut in lace-thin slices that melt in your mouth. 
The extra virgin olive oil of island Krk is decorated with the European quality mark for Protected Designation of Origin (PDO). It is an irreplaceable essential of local gastronomy, along with the sheep cheese and prosciutto. Extra virgin olive oil is produced exclusively by the mechanical process of cold extraction from autochthonous olive sorts called Debela ( Chubby), Naška (Ours), Rošulja (Dewy) and Slatka (Sweety).
The golden liquid has the natural fragrances of freshly pressed olives, fruit and cut grass, with delicate notes of spice and bitterness. 


A few interesting facts

  • The 45th parallel transects the Island of Krk.
  • As many as 15 blue flags are proudly flown on the beaches of Krk.
  • Nearly 1,400 species of plants flourish on the island – almost half the flora found in Croatia.
  • There is a total of 300 km of hiking and cycling trails on the island.
  • An ornithological reserve – habitat of the griffon vulture, is located on the nearby Island of Prvić.
  • In addition to the Franciscan monastery and church, there is also an ethnographyand sacral museum collection, and a library with rare editions on the Island of Košljun. The resting place of Katarina Frankopanis located in this oasis of peace, one of the most famous members of the noble families from Krk, the Frankopan counts.
  • The Baška tablet, the most important monument of Croatia’s history and culture, was written in the Glagoliticscript using the old Croatian language in around 1100.It was found in the former Benedictine church in the village of Jurandvor

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