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In just a few weeks, the Corona virus pandemic has thoroughly changed the way we live and faced us with incredible challenges which are almost impossible to prepare for. Literally every aspect of our lives has been affected by this pandemic on a global level.
In thinking how to adapt to this new situation and to help you alleviate at least the concerns regarding your boat, MARINA PUNAT and BRODOGRADILIŠTE PUNAT, in collaboration with our partner MARINA CLOUD through the SENSE4BOAT system, have launched an action with special measures allowing you to better protect your boat while you are not in the marina.

YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO SMART SENSE4BOAT SMOKE AND BILGE SENSORS: As the safety of all vessels in the marina is our common goal, contract boats (except vessels engaged in economic activity - charter) are entitled to free sensors for detecting water intrusion, smoke or risky temperature levels. In the event of an alarm, this innovative system sends a notification to the boat owner, which is then forwarded to the marina control centre allowing the marina staff to do everything in their power to minimize possible damage to your boat.  You get smart sensors as a gift from MARINA PUNAT, BRODICA DRY DOCK or SHIPYARD PUNAT, depending on your berth contract, and you just pay the subscription according to the SENSE4BOAT price list.   

FREE SENSE4BOAT SENSOR INSTALLATION: your SENSE4BOAT sensors will be installed on your boat free of charge by a certified electrician of the SHIPYARD PUNAT, you can place your order HERE.  The prerequisite is that the key to your boat is deposited in Marina Punat, of course. In addition to the battery sensor, the electrician of the Shipyard Punat will also install, free of charge, a smoke and bilge sensor that you receive from the marina for free as a contract guest.

3 MONTHS OF FREE SUBSCRIPTION FOR THE BATTERY SENSOR: You will not be charged a subscription fee for the first three months of using the MARINA CLOUD SENSE4BOAT battery monitoring sensors. All existing customers who have already paid the annual SESNSE4BOAT sensor subscription will receive additional 3 months free of charge from Marina Cloud. 

Sensors can be of particularly great use to monitor your boat during this time of crisis. We invite you to equip your boat with smart sensors that help us in our joint goal - the safety of your boat.

Free application to monitor your sensors 
With our SENSE4BOAT mobile application you can manage all sensors, access all measurements and browse the log of all alert messages. The application is very simple and intuitive to use. 
You can order the sensors via SENSE4BOAT webshop.

FREE ELECTRICAL POWER CONNECTION FOR YOUR BOAT until 30. June 2020:  By the end of June this year, MARINA PUNAT employees will connect your boat to the power grid according to the information they receive from the battery sensors and in accordance with the published Terms of Marina Punat, with the most important prerequisite that we would like to emphasize being installed SENSE4BOAT battery and smoke sensors, the boat being at a sea berth, completely technically sound and ready for charging (cables and fuses ready). 

BATTERY CHARGING SERVICE FOR BOATS ON LAND: The electricians from the Yacht Service of PUNAT SHIPYARD can provide you with the supervised battery charging service on board or in the service halls, more detailed information can be obtained HERE.
This offer does not refer to the owners/users who carry out the economic activities of renting and providing accommodation services – charter or some other economic activity.
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