Visit DUBoak centre of maritime heritage

The interpretation centre of maritime heritage in Malinska – DUBoak has an exciting way of introducing you to the powerful impact of a tree on the local community’s development.
How can a tree influence a whole community? It indeed can when the tree is the downy oak, locally known as „dub“. This broadleaf tree, unusual for Adriatic islands, has populated the northwest of the island of Krk, building the thick oak woods rich in game. Besides influencing the boatbuilding and wood trade, the woods full of wild game lured the hunters to visit, which was the beginning of tourism in the area.
Dubašnica area was conveniently named after dub (oak) and the oak woods. Among the twenty-something villages today, the most famous is Malinska, the headquarters of Malinska-Dubašnica municipality.  This is where in May 2021, DUBoak opened its doors – a local maritime heritage interpretation centre resulting from years-long European Interreg cooperation within Project Arca Adriatica focused on coastal maritime heritage valorisation.

Envisioned less as a museum and more as an experience, this interpretation centre is dedicated to dub (oak) and its influence on the local community. The oak was the essential supply for boatbuilding and the overall prosperity of the area, and its story is told in the modern setting of indoor and outdoor exhibitions. Indoors are the specific artefacts from the local boat-building history, and the experience can be expanded with a virtual tour aboard a 19th-century ship sailing to Venice. The outdoor exhibition includes life-size vessels, i.e. restored traditional boats typically built in the shipyards of Malinska. Occasionally, it is possible also to sail them.
Numerous activities make DUBoak a place worth more than one visit. There are creative and painting workshops, sailor skills course and a mini disco for kids. For adults, there are “gastronomy workshops” teaching how to make local pastry and sauce (“šurlice” and “žgvacet”), as well as a lungo mare walk with a guide, in partnership with the local tourist office.

History and book lovers will enjoy the gift shop of DUBoak, for it sells titles in cartography, boatbuilding and another history of the island of Krk. Others can choose a tasty bite or a spirit among local brandies, handmade jams, or other souvenirs.
 The building of DUBoak also hosts the Sailing Club of Malinska and the Fishing Sports Association Lastavica.

Check the opening hours and learn more about DUBoak at their website
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