Unique sensor system

We are the first marina in the world to use a system of sensors that connect the boat, the owner and the marina in order to prevent the hazard of fire and sinking.

The Sense4Boat modern alert sensor technology for risk events is installed into the Marina Cloud marine control system. Together with the daily rounds of the vessel and video surveillance, it is a unique monitoring and incident alert system which provides the owners with an intense feeling of security and increases the general safety levels at the marina.

The first marina in the world with the integrated Sense4Boat smart sensor system that detects water intrusion, the onset of smoke and risky high temperatures, as well as monitors your batteries.  

In the event of an alert, in addition to notifying the boat owner, the marina is simultaneously informed and can then take action to protect your property.

Marina Cloud Sense4Boat is INNOVATIVE — it differs from other systems in that it alerts both the boatowner and the marina of risky or non-compliant conditions. In Marina Punat, these alerts are received by the control center, on duty round-the-clock, so that sailors can take whatever steps are necessary to protect the boat at risk.

As the safety of all boats in the marina is our common goal, all contract boats that are not used for carrying out the economic activity of chartering vessels have the right to free sensors for detecting water intrusion, smoke or risky temperatures.

Read more about packages, subscriptions and installation options on the website Sense4Boat.
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