The best large marina in Croatia is on the island of Krk

Marina Punat has been declared the best marina in Croatia in the category of the large marina at the annual hospitality conference Days of Croatian Tourism in Šibenik.
Renata Marević, the CEO of Marina Punat, was proud to accept the Croatian Chamber of Commerce award, „The Flower of Tourism – quality for Croatia 2022“, and in her speech, she said:
„This is a wonderful award for the Group and all of our business partners, for the service we provide to our sailing clients is a joint effort. At this moment, on behalf of the Group members and the Management Board, I would like to shout out a loud „Thank you!“ to all the employees of Marina Punat Group and the related companies, as well as to all the employees at our cooperative and business partners.“
Marina Punat is a frequent awardee at the Days of Croatian Tourism – it is the first and oldest marina in Croatia. Over nearly 60 years, it has led the innovation and development of nautical hospitality, for which it has been awarded three times so far. Besides, over the past twenty years, it was declared „Marina of the Year“ five times, and this is the 7th win in the category of large marinas.
These awards are the consequence of consistency in quality, achieved by continuous, systematic investment in infrastructure and sustainable development, as well as curating employee satisfaction. To preserve its leading position in yachting hospitality, Marina Punat continues to invest and grow within its limits, according to its Development Strategy 2030. Currently, a complete reconstruction of the Restaurant Marina is ongoing, parallel to the expansion of the travel lift basin to be completed with the purchase of a new travel lift, allowing them to lift vessels to 500t and up to 16 m width – one of the kind on the east coast of the Adriatic.
The largest marina of the northern Adriatic is home to over 1400 vessels, most of which are there all year round, either in wet or dry berths. Due to the excellent road and airline connections, Marina Punat is very popular among the boatowners of Central Europe. Though it is not a closed nautical club, there is a waiting list for the annual berth and their membership card.
Marina Punat Ltd. is a member of the Marina Punat Group Ltd., along with the Shipyard Punat, MP Hotel & Resort, Marina Commerce nautical and spare parts shops etc. Partnered with numerous local businesses and certified services licensed to work in the marina, they provide the largest selection of yacht maintenance services and a comfortable stay at the marina. According to the words of many resident sailors, Marina Punat has become their second home.
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