Seabin floating waste collector

A device that collects waste while filtering the sea has been installed in the marina at the A1 pier.
On average, this device easily collects around 1.5 kg of floating waste from the sea surface every day, while continuously filtering the sea water.
This ecological sea waste bin collects plastics, microplastics, detergents, oils and other materials from the sea surface, stopping them from drifting away and contaminating the sea flora and fauna.
We believe that Seabin will become a standard in all our marinas, helping to protect and preserve the sea environment. 

We would also like to remind you that single-use shopping bags between 15 and 50 micrometres thick are not used in Croatia any more since the beginning of the year. Only thinner fruit and vegetables bags and reusable bags thicker than 50 micrometres are still in use. 

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