Science meets Art Symposium

The “Fascination Sea – Science meets Art” Symposium will bring together scientists and artists to discuss the beauty and conservation of the sea.

Punat, 25. 5. - 29. 5. 2023
The author of the concept and organiser of the art portion of the symposium (exhibition at the Toš Gallery in Punat and art workshop facilitating) is the Anita Kontrec Foundation and the organiser of the science portion is the Mare Mundi Institute

The “Magical Beauty of the Sea” exhibition at the Toš Gallery in Punat from 25 May – 6 June 2023 will feature the Croatian-German visual artist Anita Kontrec and two guest artists – the photographer Damir Fabijanić and the painter Koraljka Kovač. 
Members of Marina Punat Group