Proactive Boat Care

An innovation that was conceptually designed at Marina Punat, where contracted boat owners are given insight into the surveillance and activities that the marina staff carry out daily on their boat. Through weekly reports, owners receive an overview of the performed activities and the latest photo of the boat. Now we have a new service to offer.

The marina crew makes rounds of the berths every day, making electronic records of the presence and external condition of the vessel, as visible from the dock. Once a week, our crew photograph the vessel and send it to the boat owner as a part of the regular weekly report that includes all activities undertaken in the past week.
This report is delivered via e-mail and recently also via the Marina Mobile App. The mobile application also allows you to access the photo archive and to overview certain cameras in the marina. This service has been provided to all marina members FREE of charge and it has been included in the price of the berth.
What NEW service are we offering?


Through the PROACTIVE BOAT CARE PLUS service, we enable the boat owner to view the vessel’s interior. We take photographs of the interior and deliver them so that the boat owner has accurate insight into the vessel’s condition.
The service provides:
One photograph of the engine compartment
One photograph of the bilge compartment
Two photographs of the vessel cabin(s)
One photograph of the tarps or sails

While photographing your vessel, we will also perform the additional service of AIRING OUT AND VENTILATING the boat.
We perform this service of photographing and ventilating your vessel once a month, upon your order, when weather permitting.  
More information you can find HERE.
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