Marina Punat Celebrates a 26th Consecutive Blue Flag Recognition

Once again, on 1st of June, Marina Punat has raised its Blue Flag high with great pride and accomplishment. The marina has been awarded the prestigious Blue Flag certification for the 26th consecutive year, cementing its reputation as a beacon of excellence in sustainable nautical tourism. The Blue Flag recognition not only showcases Marina Punat's commitment to environmental preservation but also highlights its dedication to providing top-notch services and facilities for boaters and visitors alike.
A Symbol of Environmental Excellence: The Blue Flag is an internationally recognized eco-label awarded by FEE - Foundation for Environmental Education to beaches and marinas for sustainable tourism. Holders of this eco-label must meet stringent environmental standards. Marina Punat's remarkable achievement of receiving this esteemed accolade for the 26th time in a row is a testament to its unwavering commitment to preserving the surrounding marine ecosystem and maintaining high environmental standards.

Marina Punat has consistently demonstrated its dedication to sustainable practices and initiatives, which have played a pivotal role in its continuous success in earning the Blue Flag recognition since 1998. The marina has implemented various environmental measures, including efficient waste management systems, use of renewable energy sources and the promotion of sustainable transportation options.
Furthermore, Marina Punat has been actively involved in educational programs and awareness campaigns to foster a sense of environmental responsibility among its staff, guests, and the local community. These initiatives have not only contributed to the preservation of the marine ecosystem but have also created a culture of sustainability that extends beyond the marina's boundaries.

Marina Punat's achievement is a reminder of the crucial role that responsible tourism plays in protecting our precious seawaters. It serves as an invitation for visitors and boaters to not only experience the beauty of the Adriatic coastline but also to appreciate and contribute to its long-term preservation.
Members of Marina Punat Group