Give yourself the best view of your boat

The care for boats does not stop despite this emergency situation. Our staff regularly visit your vessels and constantly monitor what is happening at the berth.
We are aware that due to current restrictions, you cannot travel to Croatia.

That is why we have provided you with the best view of your boat through the new Marina Punat mobile app.

Download the free mobile app through Google Play or the App Store and track mariner activities directly in real time. Live web cam view of the marina and data from our weather station are now also available to you in this application.
With the new mobile app, we have secured access to our webcams to all contractual customers, as only a few panoramic views will be visible on the marina's website soon.
Here are the quick instructions for downloading and activating the Marina Punat mobile app:

Download the mobile app on your phone from the Google Play Store (Android) or Apple App Store (iPhone).
Run the mobile app. on your phone.
You will see the home page.
Press the Request access button and enter your email address in the email field.
You will receive an email with an activation link on the specified email address within a few minutes. Open the email on your smartphone and click on the activation link.
After clicking the activation link, your account will be created and you can start using the Marina Punat mobile app.




Note: It is very important that you enter the same email address connected to your berth contract, otherwise the system will not be able to recognize the email address and will not associate you with your contract/boat.
Important: If you open the email on another device, the connection will fail.

If you are directed to the first page of the app where you only have the option to request access again, reinstall the app and activate your account.

Take advantage of modern technology and keep track of what is happening on your boat in real time from the comfort of your home.

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