Continuous improvements to the infrastructure

Our goal is to keep the leadership in nautical tourism by increasing the quality at all areas and levels of business, continuing to develop within existing property limits based on the sustainability principles, as we have done so far.
This winter we renovated the last section of the water supply network in Zone A alongside the promenade from pier A5 to A1. This completes the water pipe replacement throughout the entire marina. New asphalt has been laid in front of the reception building and the 9 bofora bistro.

You can never have too much parking space, which is why we have decided to add more near the Kanajt hotel. We are also setting up a new parking site for our residents’ campers outside of the marina because the marina is not registered for camper-related activities.

To make the use of (Marina Club) membership cards and parking tickets as simple as possible for our residents, charter and daily guests, we will soon introduce a license plate recognition system upon entry to and exit from the marina. This means the system recognizes license plates when a membership card is used or when a parking ticket is taken. Guests must use the same vehicle upon entry to and exit from the marina.
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