Autumn delights at our Marina restaurant

As autumn turns the world into an explosion of vivid and vibrant colours, we are excited to announce our new special autumn offer at the newly opened Marina restaurant. Embrace the season by tasting sweet and savoury dishes, created to celebrate the finest autumn flavours.
Immerse yourself in the earthiness of fresh mushrooms picked from nearby forests and expertly incorporated into our signature dishes. Let the first drops of the new cold pressed olive oil be your new culinary experience. Have a delicious taste of the true Mediterranean with every bite.

Open up your appetite with a cold appetizer, such as polenta with cod paté and black truffles or the Vejan platter that serves “Žužić” products from the island of Krk (prosciutto, sausage, pork greaves, dried pork loin (ombolo)).  Chase away the cold and damp with a creamy soup made from pumpkin or mushrooms and relish our orzotto with octopus and home-made bread that we prepare each day. Slow-cooked tuna with home-made gnocchi, shark stakes fried in rice flour with arugula salad and potato, and salted fish evoke warmer summer days, while our vanilla ice-cream with toasted pumpkin seeds is a perfect blend of summer and winter. You could finish off your autumn lunch or dinner with a sweet snack, an espresso and a glass of fig liqueur.

Wrap yourself in the warm embrace of autumnal fragrances as our chefs expertly add seasonal herbs and spices to each dish to create a symphony of taste and fragrance that embodies the autumn harvest. From savoury appetizers to fragrant main courses and exquisite desserts, our carefully prepared menu promises to be an unforgettable dining experience.

Join us at the Marina restaurant and embark on a culinary journey rich with autumn fruits and vegetables. Enjoy the seasonal delicacies and each moment spent in the pleasant ambience of our new restaurant.
Members of Marina Punat Group