25th Blue Flag hoisted in the marina

At Marina Punat, we pay excessive attention to pollution prevention during boat work, boat hauling and repairs. There are specific protocols and safety measures for each procedure, whether because the law and the industry standards require them or because we introduced them to ensure the highest level of environmental protection. It is an essential part of our business philosophy.

Besides that, we take regular sea bottom cleaning actions in the marina, swiping the seabed, one section at a time, from boatyard to charter piers. Furthermore, whenever our divers perform the regular check-up and replace mooring lines, they routinely collect whatever waste they find underwater. Our efforts to keep the sea and the environment pristine as well recognised since 25 years ago, when the first Blue Flag of Croatia was raised right here, in Marina Punat.
We are proud to be allowed to fly it every year since. It symbolises sea and beaches cleanliness and well-preserved nature in the urban environment.

This year, the Blue Flag was proudly hoisted on the marina mast for the 25th time.

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