Pizzeria 9 bofora

An ideal place to meet experienced boaters before setting sail, as well as a place for your first morning coffee and warm croissants. 

The enchanting fragrances of warm breakfast dishes, various spread, fruits, cereals , hot and cold drinks and superb pizzas or pasta for lunch will captivate you in our pizzeria, located inside Marina Punat.

In addition to pizzas and lasagna, the pizzeria 9 bofora offer excellent salads, burgers, taquitos, grilled meats and various desserts.

The buffet also offers freshly squeezed fruit juices and a large selection of ice cream. Enjoy the great offer from our pizzeria during your stay in Marina Punat, Krk.

Working hours are from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Tel. +385 (0)51 654 343

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