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Our professional marina teams will ensure that your personal needs and wishes are identified and met with respect to the functional requirements of your boat.
Marina Punat is the first and only marina in the world that provides its customers with the service of organized boat battery charging.

If you equip your boat with smart sensors that monitor the voltage of your batteries, the Marina Punat staff will connect your boat to an electrical outlet when the sensors warn of the need to do so. As soon as charging begins, you will receive an email informing you that the charging has started, and upon charging completion and voltage stabilisation, you will receive a notification that the charging has been completed.

You can read more about the option to recharge your batteries and how to order this service by clicking here.

In addition to berths, Marina Punat also offers rental of storage space. See what other services we offer, for you to have the best possible service and your boat the needed safety in the marina.

Service Price in €
Storage space rental in the marina — yearly 1.150
Storage space rental (storage box) in the marina hall — yearly 9 m2 space for 880 / 4,5 m2 space for 570
Storage space rental in the dry marina — yearly 1.050
Storage space rental (storage box) in the dry marina — yearly 820
Mobile storage rental in the dry marina — yearly 250
Empty trailer storage — yearly (only for contract partners) 250
Mariner — 1h 35
Diver — 1h 120
Electricity consumption (32A/63A/125A) 0,21 / kWh
Water consumption (if non berth rental) 10 / m3
Proactive Boat Care Plus 119 / 6 months
Electrical power connection service 9 / per charging
Boat transport (Brodica - Marina) 56
Cleaning of the working area 51
Relocation of wrongly parked vehicles 100
Parking fee in case of lost or damaged parking ticket 130
Additional parking card (with an annual contract) 120
Intervention on the boat within the marina, according to LOA
(includes towing to the crane with pumping)
< 10 m = 308 €
< 15 m = 513 €
> 15 m = 1025 €
Cost of provisional accommodation of objects left and found on the grounds of the marina — monthly 51
Transfer of objects left and found on the grounds of the marina 103
Fee in case of lost Marina Club Card (with an annual contract) 133
Power connection service 9 € / charging
Washing machine chip 5,33
Dryer chip 4,67
Annual parking fee for car 1.700
Storage locker 5 / day
15 / week
50 / month

Price in (€), VAT included
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