What we do at the Marina?

The marina does not rest during the winter months. We are constantly trying to improve and advance our service.

Published 16. 2. 2021
Currently, we are improving the kitchen in the 9 bofora pizza restaurant for a better and faster offer of dishes.
Our gastroteam is also working on new dishes, so in addition to burgers and pizzas, you will be able to enjoy a slightly different offer.
We are expanding the parking lot and planting new trees on the triangle above the garages, so that you will have more shade during sunny days.
We are setting up a new e-vehicle charging station inside the marina. The procurement of a larger suction station and pumping of fenders and inner tubes is also underway, and it will be placed on a small plateau next to the car wash.
At the dry marina Brodica, the works on setting up dry docks have been completed, so our guests of the dry marina will have as easy and safe access to boats on land as in the marina. As a result, not all cameras work through the mobile application yet, but we are working to ensure that dry marina users still have the best possible view of their boats.
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