The floating holiday home has been anchored

The first boat-apartment in Croatia is already in the marina. Furnishing and connecting to our water supply and electricity grid is underway.

Published 7. 6. 2018
The apartment is located at the base of pier C3, and is easily accessible. Nearby there is a short stopping zone where you can unload your belongings onto our luggage cart. You can park your car in the marina, in one of the available parking lots, free of charge.
For guests arriving by airplane at Rijeka Airport, we have organized free transportation.
You can get fresh groceries and drinks at the nearby market in the marina, and the town centre is just a 5-minute bike ride away; bikes are available for rent at the marina.
If you do not want to cook during your vacation, at the heart of the marina you can find the excellent a la carte restaurant Marina and the 9 bofora bistro & pizzeria with an excellent selection of small and quick meals.

Take maximum advantage of your free time; the pool and wellness at hotel Kanajt is at your disposal, as well as the fitness studio which is only a hundred metres away from your accommodation.
If you want to go swimming, a small inflatable boat with oars which does not require a sailing permit, is available. Additionally, you can rent an outboard engine as well. For those who wish to go to the beach, we offer organized transportation to the Medane Beach Club.  
The apartment is equipped with a TV and free WiFi signal.

Here are the prices.

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