Register your entry online

Good news for anyone traveling to Croatia!

In order to make the crossing of the Croatian border as simple as possible and stress-free, our Government has enabled online registration for entries for anyone planning a vacation in Croatia.
Anyone traveling to Croatia can use this new website in order to register their entry in advance.

Published 4. 6. 2020
The site has an online form where you enter all the information requested in the border-crossing process.

By simply presenting your passport or identity document to the police officer at the border, the number or the code on the identity document or passport are automatically connected to all the data previously entered online.
That way, the entire procedure of entering information for each individual person is reduced to a temporal minimum.
By registering online, you will not have to fill out the form at the border crossing, which will facilitate your trip.
Select the language of your choice and enter the required information for crossing the Croatian border.
After applying, you will receive instructions with epidemiological information and measures in force in the Republic of Croatia for your safe stay.

This is also good to know:
After entering your contact information (telephone number and email address), you will receive an announcement certificate you need to display on the windshield of your vehicle in order to facilitate the border crossing. Furthermore, you will receive all the necessary information regarding your safe stay in the RC.
The announcement certificate does not constitute an entry permit and is not equivalent to a document required for crossing the border (passport/identity document).

In addition to presenting passports/identity documents (for EU citizens), when crossing the border of the RC it is necessary to have documentation on your person during your stay which confirms:
  • the reservation of tourist accommodation, or a travel agency voucher;
  • or a confirmation of booking/ownership of a mooring;
  • or ownership of real estate, or movable property;
  • or an invitation from a legal entity, or an invitation to a business meeting.

The form/announcement is valid if you present the passport or identity document (for EU citizens) you specified in the form when crossing the border.
If family members are going to different places, each passenger must fill in a separate form and/or the person guarantees that all people on the form are going to the same place.
No previous COVID-19 testing is required in order to enter the Republic of Croatia.
By entering the Republic of Croatia, you are not required to stay in self-isolation.


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