Reduced tourist tax for vessels

The Ordinance on the amount, method of payment and distribution of tourist tax for charter vessels, ships for multi-day cruises and persons staying on the vessel (boaters) was recently published, as well the method of payment of tourist tax for ships on cruises in international maritime transportation and international inland waterway transportation, which reduced the lump sum of the tourist tax by 20% in 2020.

Published 24. 7. 2020
Boaters can pay the tourist tax per overnight stay or in a lump sum, and the amount of the tourist tax that boaters pay per person and per overnight stay is HRK 10.00.

The good news is that the Croatian National Tourist Board has launched a multilingual portal NAUTIKA.EVISITOR.HR which allows boaters to pay the tourist tax online. The portal represents an alternative way of paying the tourist tax in nautism, which has been paid only in harbour master’s offices and branch offices until now.

A vessel is any vessel longer than 7 meters with installed bearings used for vacation, recreation or cruising.

Tourist tax for boaters has been reduced 20%.

Boaters who paid lump sum tourist tax in 2019 for the time period ending in 2020 do not have to pay the tourist tax under this Ordinance for the time period in 2020.
If the time period for which boaters paid the tourist tax lump sum includes the time of the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic at the territory of the Republic of Croatia, a boater can request for the return of a proportionate amount of the paid tourist tax for the time period during which the COVID-19 pandemic was recognized at the territory of the Republic of Croatia or can request a proportionate extension of the time period for which the tourist tax has been paid.

The request for a refund or extension of the time period is submitted to the Croatian National Tourist Board, and the form can be found HERE.
eNautics portal
If you have an OIB (personal identification number) (Croatian citizens, as well as EU citizens who have registered their stay in the Republic of Croatia or requested a personal identification number from our Tax Administration) or eID (electronic identity card) you can access the eNautics portal which is intended for boaters and provides a foreign boat or yacht arrival registration at the territorial sea of the Republic of Croatia. You can also request for an electronic confirmation of navigation safety fees payment at the portal upon registration of a yacht or boat.
The service can be currently used by all citizens of the Republic of Croatia and citizens of the EU countries that have introduced an electronic ID system or some other method of user e-identification.
Boat arrival registration, navigation safety fees payment and tourist tax payments are still possible in harbour master’s offices and branch offices.

We would like to remind you that the current working hours of the Harbour Master’s Branch Office in Punat are from Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 13:00, and on Saturdays from 8:00 to 12:00.

The Harbour Master’s Branch Office is closed on Sundays and holidays. Please note that opening hours are subject to change.
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