Punat Bay, dear to all of us

5th – 6th May 2018

The traditional seabed cleaning action is just one of the indicators that sea and seabed preservation is a long-term commitment in Punat
In cooperation with the Tourist Association, we have been participating in cleaning the Punat Bay for years. Each spring, members of both local and diving clubs from all around Croatia meet in Punat. One weekend in May is reserved for slightly different underwater activities. With the support of organizers and the local economy, diving teams clean section after section of the Punat Bay so that the sea can breathe freely once again.
Many volunteers always participate in the action: elementary school students, fishermen, excursion boat owners, marina and shipyard employees…
The fact that less and less litter is collected every year is very gratifying, leaving more time for various educational subjects presented by the organizers at the TOŠ Gallery.
In addition, our divers additionally clean the seabed in the marina and service sea surface.  
We would like to use this opportunity to appeal to you to use eco-waste sorting points. Also, don’t forget to move unnecessary items from the deck which may accidently end up in the sea and become litter.
The sea will thank you for it.
Members of Marina Punat Group