Croatia Cup 2018 OPEN

34th International Sailing Regatta
25th – 26th May 2018
Regatta field Punat – Kormat – Galun – Punat
The two-day sailing regatta Croatia Cup is intended for the enthusiasts of somewhat more casual sailing and it is always held on the last weekend in May, on the well-known regatta fiel of Punat - Kormat - Galun - Punat. This is also an excellent start to the season for all recreational sailors who what to try out the sails, boat and crew as well as have a good time.  

Still, basic rules of sailing must be observed, so an unlimited number of sailing boats with a valid sailing license can participate in the regatta. All regatta participants should be verified at their national sailing federations.
Sailboats are sorted by overall length according to the OPEN classification, and the racing rules of sailing 2017-2020 (RRS), Regatta notice and Sailing Instructions apply. If there are less than three sailboats in a group, the organiser reserves the right to merge groups. The entry fee per crew member is truly symbolic and free berths are provided for sailboats participating in the regatta.  


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