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The winter months are passing fast and there is less and less time to prepare your boat for the upcoming season. If you tidied up your boat after sailing and did everything necessary for a carefree winter, then you should be ready for the season.

Published 23. 1. 2020
You have probably already announced and arranged all the necessary works. If not, it is time to do so, because our service zone will be crowded soon and it will not always be possible to get a mechanic, electrician, carpenter, spare parts, lift appointments…

We would like to remind you that all works of applying antifouling, painting, grinding, machine polishing and similar works on the vessel that create noise and possible soiling damage can be performed only in the service area. A large number of guests, vessels and vehicles in the marina leads to higher soiling damage and noise pollution. We are sure you wouldn’t like to listen to the sound of a grinder or polisher during your vacation at the marina or Brodica.

Please, be reminded that the contracted partners of Marina Punat Group who have an annual berth contract with Marina Punat d.o.o. or Brodica d.o.o. continue to receive a 50% discount on daily and monthly accommodation on land until 29 February and then from 01 July to 31 December.

The service zone is here to carry out the works, and for the timely preparation of your boat before the boating season, it is important to contact the Yacht Service as soon as possible and schedule a spot at the service zone, necessary works and dates.

Schedule the lifting or launching of your boat as soon as possible to make sure you get the desired date.
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