Are you mindful of the agents you use on your boat?

We believe that you too share our ideas about environmental protection, especially the sea. The regular testing we carry out shows that the sea in the Bay is of very good quality and is still clean. We want it to stay that way, so please, avoid using any kind of agents except detergents and protective agents with the ecological product label.  

Published 3. 8. 2018
Sustainable development is reflected in appropriate environmental protection. That is why Marina Punat has given special attention to environmental protection as one of its core business principles. We implement controlled supervision over technological processes which could threaten the environment and try to prevent any pollution from occurring. Particular care is given to the sea; every three months at the request of the marina, the competent institute carries out seabed, middle layer and sea surface quality testing.  
Our services use environmentally neutral agents, “ecological” as we like to call them, with valid certificates proving that. This rule is also applied when using paint, salt and sun protection coatings.  
Conventional detergents are not biodegradable, their foam hinders the photosynthesis process as well as the exchange of water gases, and still contain a large amount of phosphate which stimulates rapid phytoplankton growth and enhances the pollution of the sea.  
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