Where to park during the summer?

The area under hotel Kanajt has been improved to better serve as a parking lot for personal vehicles. Our daily and transit visitors as well as charter guests can park their cars there at affordable prices. Charging for these places will be on a daily basis, and payments can be made at the transit reception, marina control center ot at the parking mashine.
An additional parking lot next to the entrance to the marina has been set up, increasing even more the number of needed parking places.
The marina can now receive almost 700 vehicles on lots by the sea, above the garages, above the marina among the olive trees and under the hotel Kanajt. You can always find a free place to park your vehicle in these zones.

The marina and dry marina Brodica are not registered as a camping site, so campers cannot be received at the area of the marina or dry marina. Caravans and campers used as personal vehicles have a designated parking lot above the garages. Accommodation in these vehicles is not allowed.

Campers and caravans may never be connected to a power outlet, and accommodation in these vehicles is not allowed.
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