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Equip your boat with sensors for critical situations and connect your boat, Marina Punat and yourself through the mobile application – Proactive Boat Care for maximum security – THE FIRST SYSTEM OF ITS KINDIN THE WORLD!
In cooperation with the partner company Marina Cloud, Marina Punat offers a special service, innovative in the nautical world. The new and upgraded PROACTIVE BOAT CARE system now offers a unique free application through which owners can track the activities of sailors onboard in real time. As before, they are able to see which activities the sailors carried out regarding their boat as well as see the photographs of the boat.

For each activity registered by the marina staff, the boat owner will receive a notification via their smartphone.
This PROACTIVE BOAT CARE application is free for all contractual partners of Marina Punat.

For those who want more , for boat owners who want a higher prevention level, Marina Cloud’s Proactive Boat Care system can be simply upgraded by installing smart MARINA CLOUD sensors which provide continuous supervision of the boat even when the owner is a thousand miles away.

Smoke detectors and bilge sensors can prevent significant damage by warning not just the owner, but also Marina Punat at the same time of a critical situation occurring. The Marina Punat staff is therefore able to react 24/7 and immediately intervene in case of a critical situation.  

For full service, by installing battery monitoring sensors, the boat owner is able to monitor their battery status with alarms that signal a voltage drop tendency in the batteries. This way you can make a battery charging order to authorized persons on time and significantly extend the life expectancy of your expensive batteries. With the battery monitoring sensor via the MARINA CLOUD PROACTIVE BOAT CARE service, there is no need to keep the vessel connected to electricity while the owner is away. There is no need to risk much greater damage to your boat or adjacent boats, not to mention fire hazards.    

The sensors can be ordered via the web shop.

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