Land storage service

Here you can find a marine service overview that is available for every contractual berth option on land

General service

  • land storage
  • boat cradle
  • drinking water consumption
  • consumption of electricity with one 16A connection
  • fast intervention on faults on the marina infrastructure
  • weather report at the marina reception

Personal service

  • Marina Punat App - application with data on sailors' activities, photography of the boat, contract data, account balance, weather data, view from video cameras, marina information, latest notifications
  • sanitary facility and bathrooms with warm water 24/7
  • sanitary facility for the disabled
  • WLAN
  • Internet-caff­e
  • customer support
  • playground for children
  • grill house — barbecue place
  • dog walk promenade, pool and bathroom for dogs
  • shuttle to the Marina Beach Club Medane (VII.–VIII. according to timetable)
  • use of the swimming pool in hotel Kanajt (Marina Punat Hotel & Resort d.o.o.)
  • fender and bicycle tyre pump

Safety service

  • Proactive Boat Care — daily surveillance and rounds of the marina 24/7
  • free sensor for monitoring water levels in the bilge and high-temperature detection sensor (smoke sensor as an alternative)
  • fire sprinklers, fixed and mobile proactive boat care
  • daily surveillance and rounds of the marina 24/7
  • weekly surveillance report with a photo of the boat and listed performed activities
  • video surveillance of the marina entrance/exit 24/7
  • vehicle entry and exit controlled by parking cards 24/7
  • certified firefighting equipment and trained personnel
  • insurance policy of marina liability

Eco service

  • emergency intervention in case of ecological pollution by alert
  • selective waste collection
  • waste oil, batteries and other hazardous waste collection
  • pump out service available while boat on berth (see notes to the price list)
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