If you are far from your boat and want to see how it is – this service enables you to see your boat from the inside

What are you receiving now?
1 photograph of your vessel weekly – as part of the reliable and free service PROACTIVE BOAT CARE BASIC

Marina Punat is the FIRST and ONLY marina in the world to provide the innovative boat control service – PROACTIVE BOAT CARE BASIC. When you are at home, you want to be certain that your vessel is safe and secure. We take our responsibilities very seriously, applying the newest technology and innovative solutions that have evolved out of our experience of almost six decades. The marina crew make rounds of the berths every day, making electronic records of the presence and external condition of your vessel, as visible from the dock. Once a week, our crew photograph your vessel, and send it to you as part of the regular weekly report that includes all activities undertaken in the past week. This report is delivered via the Marina Punat application and/or e-mail. The mobile application also allows you to access the photograph archive. This service has been provided to all marina members FREE of charge. From the launch of this service, it has been included in the price of the berth.
What NEW service are we offering?

Perhaps one photograph a week from the outside is not enough. You can’t come to the marina, but you would like to have information about the internal condition of your boat?
We have a solution for that with our new additional service.
Through the PROACTIVE BOAT CARE PLUS service, we will enable you to view your vessel’s interior! We will take photographs of the interior and deliver them to you, so that you can have accurate insight into your vessel’s condition.
The service provides:
  • One photograph of the engine compartment
  • One photograph of the bilge compartment
  • Two photographs of the vessel cabin(s)
  • One photograph of the tarps or sails

While photographing your vessel, we will also perform the additional service of AIRING OUT AND VENTILATING YOUR BOAT!
We perform this service of photographing and ventilating your vessel once a month, upon your order, when weather permitting.  
How do we do this?
Both we and the client are best served by clearly explaining the conditions under which we will photograph and ventilate your vessel. The first condition for accepting your order for the service PROACTIVE BOAT CARE PLUS is that you submit a spare, complete set of keys for your vessel to the marina control centre. We will perform the photographing and ventilation service in a single day, exclusively during dry, sunny weather.
Our crew member enters into the vessel, while wearing protective footwear covers. For ventilation, we open only the cabin door. The crew member photographs the above listed spaces, and electronically confirms the activity of inspecting the interior and ventilation of the vessel. These photographs are automatically archived in your Marina Punat mobile application. Once the vessel has been photographed and ventilated, it is again closed up, no later than 8 pm. Once the service is complete, the crew member returns your keys to the control centre of Marina Punat. Every time keys are taken from and returned to the Marina Punat control centre, this is recorded with the crew member’s signature. You can access the archived photographs at any time through the mobile application, together with the regular weekly reports and photographs of your vessel in the berth.
Please be advised that this service does not include an inspection of the state of your vessel, only photographs for you, similar to the weekly photographs and reports you receive of your vessel from the outside. This allows you to have insight into the state of your vessel, so that you can have additional surveillance over your vessel, and order additional services or maintenance to your vessel as needed.
Exceptionally, if during photographing we observe that there is substantial damage to your vessel, we will respond accordingly and contact you. This may occur should we assess, for example, that there is a risk of your vessel sinking.

What if you observe a condition that requires additional action?
On the weekly photographs of your vessel in the berth you receive regularly, and the photographs of the interior of your vessel that we will take once a month, you may observe a condition that requires further action.
For any additional service or maintenance works, our experts at the YACHT SERVICE of the Punat Shipyard are at your service, and can receive your orders for individual services or service packages. Here you can submit a work order for necessary activities, to ensure your boat is properly maintained. For additional services to your vessel, you can also take advantage of the services of our authorised service partners, based on the type of service.
How to order this service?

Simply fill out the order form and send it to us.

You can order the PROACTIVE BOAT CARE PLUS service now for a minimum six months contractual period for the price of just €119 for half a year.
This service is charged in advance for the contracted 6-month period. Exceptionally, if you wish to order PROACTIVE BOAT CARE PLUS for just one more month, we will be happy to provide this service at the price of €40.
If you wish to try out the service PROACTIVE BOAT CARE PLUS, please fill out and send in your order. Please note that you are required to accept the terms listed here, and our terms of waiver of liability, as listed below.
Boat name*
The service shall be contracted for the period: from to.*
Your message*

Additional terms of service provision and waiver of liability: The provider of the above service is Marina Punat d.o.o., or Brodica d.o.o. or Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o., depending on the legal person with which the vessel owner/user has concluded the annual berth contract (hereinafter: Service provider). The service is provided to all vessels with a contracted annual sea berth contract with Marina Punat d.o.o. and Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o., annual land berth in the dry marina Brodica d.o.o. and in Marina Punat d.o.o., an annual berth on the DRY-DOCK in Marina Punat d.o.o. and in the dry marina Brodica, and for all vessels that use the land wintering service at Marina Punat d.o.o. This service is not available to charter vessels and all other commercial vessels. With this service, the Service provider does not conduct an inspection of the state of your vessel, but photographs your vessel and ventilates it during that time. The user of this service waives the right to any claims for direct or indirect damages from the Service provider Marina Punat d.o.o., Brodica d.o.o. or Brodogradilište Punat d.o.o. for any omissions made during photographing and ventilation of your vessel. Through the use of this service, it is not possible to fully determine the state of your vessel, nor obtain all information about the state of your vessel. The Service provider is not responsible for the state of your vessel due to the provision of this service, instead this service is for information purposes to aid the vessel owner/user as the client ordering the service. The number of persons for whom the Service provider may provide this service is limited, and the Service provider reserves the right to assess whether it can accept your order and perform the service, or reject provision of the service. After 1 July 2020, the Service provider will provide the service PROACTIVE BOAT CARE PLUS only if ordered for the following six-month period (or exceptionally for one additional month), according to the above listed prices for the said periods. The provision of the service PROACTIVE BOAT CARE PLUS does not imply the provision of any additional service, with the exception of those listed above as included. All other services, intervention activities and materials (e.g. replacing salts or emptying water from dehumidifiers, etc.), and any other required services by third parties in such activities, is charged according to the price list of Marina Punat d.o.o., and the associated companies within the Marina Punat Group d.o.o. and other legal and natural persons whose participation in the intervention activities is necessary (e.g. firefighters). The service PROACTIVE BOAT CARE PLUS is contracted once the Service provider confirms to the client that the order has been received and accepted, after the client confirms that they have read and understood all the terms of service provision, and accept the same, and after all the above listed conditions are met.

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