Bistro 9 bofora

There are two á la carte restaurants in Marina Punat, and they are competing in the creativity and excellence of dishes to please your palate. Do not miss the opportunity to check which style suits you better. On top of the classic international cuisine, there is a seasonal menu with original and traditional dishes that take advantage of the locally grown and fresh ingredients that are in season.
An ideal place to meet experienced boaters before setting sail, as well as a place for your first morning coffee and warm croissants. 

The terrace of our Bistro 9 bofora is the most popular spot in the marina, from the early morning until the late hours. The irresistible smell of fresh coffee in the morning lures in the sailors. Fragrant warm breakfast dishes, dairy spreads, cereals with fresh fruit, freshly squeezed juices and smoothies will charm you into a breakfast even if you're not keen on food in the morning. At lunchtime, the aroma of Italian herbs is in the air - besides excellent pizza, equally popular are various pasta dishes, rich salads, burgers and taquitos, as well as grilled meat and refreshing desserts. The menu is recently extended to á la carte dishes, so it's interesting to browse through the menu and taste something different and new. 

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