New version of the Marina Punat App

It is natural to wonder how your boat is doing while you are away. A yacht is more than just a valuable property, and every boat owner has one wish – to ensure the vessel is safe with all precautions taken by the marina, which safeguards the boat. At Marina Punat, we take this responsibility very seriously; therefore, we use the latest technologies and leading solutions in marine safety to ensure you can sleep peacefully.
Our smartphone application, an innovation conceived here in Marina Punat, presents all the information about the boat collected from various sources to the boat owners in a structured yet straightforward way.
Our crew performs daily rounds of the berths, electronically recording the vessels' presence and external appearance, observed from the pier.

On our new version of the smartphone app, the residents of Marina Punat can see the latest photo of their boat, access the records of the boat’s presence and actions taken to ensure boat safety, with the names of the crew members that have performed the inspection. For each recorded activity, the boat owners receive a notification on their smartphone.

Marina Punat Mobile App provides access to:
  • display of all contracts of the same partner
  • current position of the boat
  • latest boat photo
  • archive of previous boat photos
  • live view from the camera closest to the contractual position of the boat
  • current weather data in Marina Punat
  • weather information from
  • account balance
  • overview of open invoices for Marina Punat d.o.o.
  • list of helpful information
  • short notifications with actualities in the marina
This service is free of charge for Marina Punat residents.

To start using the new application, please uninstall the existing application and download the new version.
  • Restart the mobile application on your smartphone – you shall see the new home page
  • Click the Request Access button and type in your e-mail
  • You will receive immediately the activation link in an e-mail message
  • Open the e-mail message on your smartphone and click on the activation link
  • Activating the link on your smartphone will create your account in the app
  • You can start using a new version of the mobile application and access your boat data

  • Use the same e-mail you have provided to Marina Punat as your contact e-mail. Otherwise, the system will not recognise you, and will not connect you to your contract/ boat.
  • If you open the e-mail message on a device other than the smartphone containing the mobile app, the activation will fail.

Take advantage of modern technology and allow yourself real-time insights into everything related to your boat from the comfort of your home or wherever you are.

The mobile app is available for download on the Google Play or App Store.
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