It is good to know that the Island of Krk is one of the sunniest regions of Europe with around 2,500 hours of sunshine per year. 
One of the places yachtsmen love to return to every year is Kvarnerić, the gulf that includes the islands of Cres, Krk, Rab, Pag, Olib, Silba, Ilovik and Lošinj, with numerous lovely bays for anchoring.

Kvarneris specific because of its diversity. There are beautiful beaches waiting for you in the coastal region, some only accessible by boat. There is also the mountain region where you can engage in numerous outdoor activities in spring and fall. Winter in the Kvarner area is an experience to remember – this is the only region where you can go skiing or sledding while revelling in the view of the sea.

The island itself has excellent trails for hiking and cycling. There are beautiful hidden pebble beaches with a crystal clear sea between Punat and the southern tip of the island that are only accessible by boat. Some are found on the south part of the island: Oprna, Zlatna Beach, Vela Luka and Mala Luka are just a few of them…

A few interesting facts

  • The 45th parallel transects the Island of Krk.
  • As many as 15 blue flags are proudly flown on the beaches of Krk.
  • Nearly 1,400 species of plants flourish on the island – almost half the flora found in Croatia.
  • There is a total of 300 km of hiking and cycling trails on the island.
  • An ornithological reserve – habitat of the griffon vulture, is located on the nearby Island of Prvić.
  • In addition to the Franciscan monastery and church, there is also an ethnographyand sacral museum collection, and a library with rare editions on the Island of Košljun. The resting place of Katarina Frankopanis located in this oasis of peace, one of the most famous members of the noble families from Krk, the Frankopan counts.
  • The Baška tablet, the most important monument of Croatia’s history and culture, was written in the Glagoliticscript using the old Croatian language in around 1100.It was found in the former Benedictine church in the village of Jurandvor

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