Adriatic marina

Nautical route – Kvarner

Marina start
Starting marina: Marina Punat - 45° 01,3' N 14° 37,6' E

Duration: 7 dana


Goli otokThe route starts in marina Punat, sailing on the southwest side along the island Krk towards the islet Sv. Grgur. Sv. Grgur is located between the neighbouring islands Rab, Krk, Prvić and Goli otok. Arrival in the bay “Sv. Grgur” on the northwest side of the island. The bay is protected from winds (except from the west). There is a concrete riva (promenade) in the bay and anchoring is possible as well. The island has an abundant vegetation, magnificent bays and beaches; stone landscapes and woods are exchanging on the island. A women prison used to be located on the island and its ruins are still visible today, even though they are quite devastated. We continue our sailing tour towards Goli otok which is safekeeping the ruins of the once most famous prison in Europe, opened after World War II. At the early stage the island was completely naked and only the first prisoners afforested it and put up the first buildings. Today the islet is a reminder of former regimes. We are berthing on the left side of the bay Melna located on the west side of the island, with a restaurant positioned in it. The bay is protected from winds, except from the west. Sightseeing of the island and the former prison. We continue towards the island Rab to take a swim on the sand beaches of San Marino bay. After swimming, we continue towards Supetarska draga where we can enjoy the exceptional gastro offer (restaurants Belveder, Galeb, More) and spend the night – as you wish, on the boat or in the marina.

Second day: SUPETRSKA DRAGA – SILBA (swimming) – OLIB (overnight stay)

OlibFrom Supetarska Draga we continue sailing towards south, to the island Silba. Silba is located west from Zadar and it is also called “the door of Dalmatia”. It stretches in the direction north-northwest-south-southeast. The narrowest part of the island, somewhere in the middle, is merely 700 m wide. It has the shape of a mallet, with the wider side turned towards north. The only inhabited settlement on the island is Silba. Silba is abundant in sand and gravel beaches where you will enjoy the magnificent turquoise colour of the sea. Berthing on the island on the east side in the port or anchoring (buoys) in front of the port. Visit to Silba and swimming on one of the beaches. In case the southeast wind (bora) is blowing, the east side of the island should be avoided. After swimming on Silba, we continue sailing towards the island Olib. Olib is most frequently visited by yachtsmen due to its bays and sand beaches. Important bays on the island are: port Olib – protected from the southeast (bora) and east wind as well as southern winds (danger of storms and west winds). In the port is a breakwater with berths on both sides of the breakwater. Electricity and water are available at the berth. Suitable for dinner (restaurant Amfora) and overnight stay. Anchoring in front of the port is allowed. Other important bays on the island are: bay Slatinica – the most beautiful sand beach on the island, opened to east winds, shallow so you have to cast anchor far away from the coast; bay Sveti Nikola – protected from all but south winds creating huge waves. Suitable for anchoring and a berth on the land is also possible since there are several built bitts.

Third day: OLIB – VELI RAT (sightseeing tour of the lighthouse)- IST (overnight stay)

IstFrom Olib we continue sailing towards south, towards the northwest part of Dugi otok, more precisely to Veli rat in the bay Pantera. Near this bay is the lighthouse “Veli rat” which is interesting for sightseeing and the bay is suitable for dwelling and swimming; nearby is a marina with a restaurant. From Veli rat we return towards north to the island Ist. Anchoring from the south side in the small port in the settlement Ist. Positions for yachtsmen are on the inner side of the main breakwater, on the exterior side of the main breakwater and on the exterior part of the smaller mole. All these berths are equipped with moorings and connections to electricity and water. Southeast from the main breakwater there are approximately twenty buoys. Area for anchoring is southeast from the buoys. Take care not to disturb the passenger transport. The bay is protected from all winds except from the sirocco. Sightseeing of the settlement, good gastro offer (restaurants Carruba, Katy), overnight stay.    

Fourth day: IST – SUSAK (swimming and overnight stay)

SusakHeading from the island Ist towards Susak, we will be sailing along the islands Premuda Ilovika and Lošinj, and continuing southwest towards the island Susak. Arrival to Susak from the northeast side. When anchoring in the port you should pay attention to the sunk pier (marked with a red lantern). Susak is a small island, famous for its shallow sand bays, magnificent folk costumes and the yellowish dust the island is made of. Exactly that dust is making it unique in the Mediterranean. In the port Susak there are three moles: the large mole is the one where catamarans are anchoring. A few years ago the mole was thoroughly reconstructed to make the anchoring of catamarans possible; then there is the so called middle mole, closing the port from the southeast and the smallest small mole. The local waters of the island Susak are naturally protected from all winds, except from the sirocco, and can secure a safe anchoring place for yachts and smaller boats. We recommend sightseeing of the settlement, swimming on the sand beaches and dinner in one of the taverns (tavern Barbara, Tavern Vera). Due to its position on the border between the north and the middle Adriatic it is most suitable for an overnight stay since you can reach Istria, Krk, Rab, Pag, Kornati and other Mid-Dalmatian destinations in just a few hours.

Fifth day: SUSAK- UNIJE – MALI LOŠINJ (overnight stay)

Mali LosinjFrom Susak we continue sailing north towards the island Unije. Unije is an island offering a truly preserved nature and, owing to its position, an extraordinary clean sea. There is no car traffic on Unije. Unije is one of the most western positioned Adriatic islands, and it is located southwest from Lošinj. The north and east side of the island are steep and rocky, covered with holm, while the south and west side are more flat. Recommended for yachtsmen is the more accessible west side of the island, the bay Maračol with the deepest sea. From Unije we continue sailing southeast towards Mali Lošinj. Anchoring in the city port or marina (as preferred). On Mali Lošinj there is a gas station for boats; recommended is a sightseeing tour in the city centre offering a good gastro offer (restaurants Baracuda, Corrado, Plitvice).... and overnight stay. In Mali Lošinj is the bridge and the passage Privlaka. The passage is 80 m long, 8 m wide and 2.4 m deep. The drawbridge is opening every day at 9 and 18 h, except in case of stronger bora when the sea is very rough so it is dangerous or impossible to pass through the passage, even if the bridge is open.   

Sixth day: MALI LOŠINJ – ILOVIK (swimming) – GRAD RAB (sightseeing and overnight stay)

RabWe continue sailing from Mali Lošinj towards the island Ilovik. The only settlement on the island situated on the northeast shore is Ilovik. To the north are Ilovička vrata (door) and the islands Lošinj, Kozjak and Sveti Petar. South from the island are Kvarnerićka vrata (door). Between Ilovik and Sveti Petar is a canal 2,5 km long and approximately 300 m wide. We recommend lunch in the settlement and afterwards swimming in one of the bays on the islands Male or Velike Orjule. We continue sailing towards the island (city) Rab. Rab is an island with wondrous natural diversity, magnificent variety of beaches and bays. The city Rab is abundant in cultural monuments dating back to pre-Roman times, characterized by its four bell-towers. It is a city of rich historical heritage, long and pleasant walking paths and a long tradition in organized tourism. Anchoring is possible at the city riva (promenade), in the marina or in the anchoring berth in Sv. Eufemija bay. Recommended is a sightseeing tour in the city with an excellent gastronomic offer (restaurants Palma, Santa Maria, Adria, Hacijenda...) and overnight stay. In the city is a gas station for boats.

Seventh day: CITY RAB – PLAVNIK (swimming) - MARINA PUNAT

PlavnikAfter visiting the city Rab, we are returning towards the island Krk. Sailing along the southwest side of the island Rab towards the island Plavnik where anchoring is possible in the Krušija bay with a pier and a small mole. The depth along the pier is approximately 3 meters and along the mole approximately 1 meter. The bay is protected from bora and sirocco but not from storms. In the bay is a beach and a path leading towards the centre of the island. Along the east coast of Plavnik is Mali Plavnik and towards southeast two small elongated islets Kornati. From Plavnik we continue our return to Marina Punat, the safest and most beautiful marina in the Adriatic Sea, and in the evening we’ll enjoy fish or meat delicacies in the restaurant Kanajt or the restaurant Marina.

Note: During this nautical route please use pilots and nautical charts for detailed positions of bays and ports as well as depths for anchoring and berthing boats in the same.  


We wish you calm seas!