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about hotel

kanajt-4The hotel Kanajt is a perfect meeting place for navigators and all those impassioned in sea and active holiday. It is situated near Marina Punat, 50m far from the sea.

Very nice and new equipped rooms will satisfy all Your demands.

Surrounded by park and olive groves, it offers a beautiful view of Punat bay and marina. Big terrace will bring You the full enjoy in the sun.

Very clean and comfortable bathrooms will satisfy the desires of the most demanding. You can choose a room with shower or bathtub.
Every bathroom is decorated in different style and is equipped with heating and hair dryer.

The word "KANAJT" origins from latin - CANNA or CANNETUM, which means reed, cane. That tells us that reed was grown once on the territory of today's hotel.
The name was first mentioned in 1419., found in a document in which Punat and St. Peter's chapel were described. The remains of St. Peters chapel can be seen by the hotel. Former bishop's residence in 1528, Farm, orchard and vineyard nurseries, housekeeping school.
  • 20 double rooms
  • 1 single room
  • 1 junior suite
Rooms are equipped with
  • Sat TV
  • Internet
  • WC/Shower/Bathtube
  • Air conditionin/Heating
  • 20 m2 Terase
  • Mini bar
  • Saef
  • Hair dryer

The house and property of the bishop was mentioned in 1558. After that, in 1962, at the time of the bishop Nosadin, the house was restored or destructed.
One report states that the small building was clearly widespread, and in others that he has built a house next to St. Peter church for his new heir.
The building shows characteristic style elements from the past, particularly visible in the windows.
Since 1956, the building has been owned by Economic Chamber of Macedonia. In 1982Marina Punat bought the the whole complex. In 1988 was established the restaurant and in 1998 was converted into a hotel of the highest category.


restaurant Kanajt

kanajt-7The restaurant Kanajt will satisfy tastes of the most demanding by offering rich choice of fish and meat dishes, vegetables and domestic specialties.

We offer You specialties of the island Krk: dishes under the baking lid, dishes grilled on wooden carbon, dishes from the pot and home made cakes.

Please make a reservation in advance!

The restaurant is furnished in maritime style and accommodates 80 persons. It is heated during winters and air conditioned during summers.
We organize group lunches, with visit of closer Island Košljun.
Chosen in a group of 100 best restaurants in Croatia for the year:
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2007
  • 2008
Dishes under baking lid
  • Lamb, Kid
  • Roastcalf, veal
  • Octopus, stuffed calamari
  • 1st class fish
Dishes from the pot
  • Buzzara "Punat"
  • Adria scampi
  • "Šurlice" with lamb goulasch
  • Octopus goulasch with polenta
Lamb/Kid/Pork - roasted
Dishes grilled on wooden carbon
Home made cakes

10 % iscount for Marina Punat guests
Big and spacious terrace with sea view, will bring the full enjoyment while eating some of the Mediterranean specialtiesa.

In the park there is an old olive press, made of 250 kg rock.
Enjoy in big choice of breakfast buffet everyday from 07.00 - 12.00
Special offer for "Days of Olives" - olive oil tastes, how to collect olives, factory visit.


restaurant Marina

The restaurant is located in the heart of the marina, just a few meters from the sea and has a hundred places on the spacious terrace. Near the restaurant there is a playground.

Fresh fish dishes that will enchant you with an unforgettable experience and a memorable taste for all of your senses. The original recipes that are passed from generation to generation guarantee you a delicious experience and travel through the old home made dishes of Krk cuisine that has always offered the fruits of the sea and precious hands...

Homemade ham and cheese complemented by extra-virgin olive oil and a golden yellow color of Žlahtina wine, Kvarner shrimp and other Adriatic seafood

Mon-Sun: 11 - 23 hrs


bistro-pizzeria 9 bofora

9 bofora-4Near to the marina reception, just after the entrance, you will find the buffet & pizzeria.

Wonderful morning fragrance of fresh cappuccino in our buffet, appropriately named "9 Bofora" (9 Beauforts) comes from our tim who skilfully humor your wishes at breakfast, a quick lunch or light dinner.

The smell of pizza from the baking oven is particular and recognizable wherever you are, and the selection here is really fantastic.

Pizzeria is also open in winter.

9 bofora-1
9 bofora-3
9 bofora-2


beaches, recreation, excursions

1Punat06-1Punat and Stara Baška are popular for their beautiful beaches situated in the immediate vicinity of the town and only accessible by boat.

Punat has its town beach within Puntarska draga (Punat Bay), suitable for children and seniors, with improved access to the sea, shallow water and protective barriers for the bathers. As soon as you leave the bay, you will find gravelly beaches – a landmark of our island. The beaches are numerous and a bather will always find a spot, while the leisure time can be spent on sporting activities offered on the beach (water sports, beach volley, windsurfing, ski-lift, paragliding, jet ski, aqua park...).
Visitors to Punat arriving by a vessel will find the coves between Punat and Stara Baška interesting for the wonderful secluded gravelly beaches and crystal-clear sea. You can reach them by a taxi boat from the harbor. Peace and quiet prevail in an intact nature. Make sure you try bathing early in the morning when the first rays of sun shine down upon the crystal-clear sea.
A truly unique experience!

Stara Baška, situated only 9 km from Punat, is the place popular for its beaches, visited by numerous tourists.

Anyway, take a look at our photos and see for yourself...
stara baska

plaza punat

Punat is calm and quiet place full of color, fragrance and beauty. Enjoy sailing along the beautiful bay, playing tennis or mini golf, diving in the deep blue ... Take advantage of the various water sports or walk our trails, experience Punat and enjoy it also in this way.

Tennis, table tennis, bowling, hiking and walking true mountain trails by the sea, sailing, windsurfing, diving, boat rentals, scooter, Vespa, water sports, hunting, fishing...